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Microsoft Sunday, 21 July, 2002, 19:20 GMT 20:20 UK
Microsoft vs US Justice Dept
BBC News Online special report into the court battle between the US Department of Justice and the world's largest company.

Bill gates - ex AP  19.2. Analysis: Microsoft taken to task
Judge Jackson's Finding of Facts lean heavily towards the case presented by the US government and rule that Microsoft abused its monopoly.

bill gates IBM chief: Microsoft killed OS/2
Garry Norris, IBM's chief negotiator with Microsoft, alleged in his testimony that Microsoft has a major role in killing off IBM's rival computer operating system, OS/2.

Microsoft trial resumes
As the Microsoft trial resumes, News Online reports on events since the two sides were last in court in February and looks ahead at what is to come.

The future of Microsoft
As the government prepares to renew its court battle with software giant Microsoft, leading computer industry commentators discuss its fate.

Microsoft deposes competitors
A judge in Washington has delayed the resumption of the trial of Microsoft on charges that it engaged in illegal anticompetitive behaviour, but the company will try to show that the competition is still fierce in the software industry.

USA versus Microsoft - Microsoft rests its defence
Microsoft concludes presenting evidence from its 12 witnesses in its trial on antitrust (competition law) charges in Washington DC.

USA versus Microsoft: The 16th week
When did Microsoft first envisage to integrate a browser in its operating system - the central question during the 16th week of the Microsoft trial.

USA versus Microsoft: the 15th week
The Microsoft trial could be forced to make way for the judge presiding over an unrelated criminal trial.

USA versus Microsoft - the 14th week
At a time when Microsoft should be gaining some of the lost ground by presenting evidence from its own witnesses, the company experienced its worst week so far in the trial.

USA versus Microsoft - the 13th week
Paul Maritz, Microsoft's group vice president for platforms and applications, was the first Microsoft employee to take the witness stand.

US versus Microsoft: the 12th week
Professor Richard Schmalensee, Dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management, was Microsoft's expert economics witness who answered questions from Department of Justice special trial counsel David Boies.

Microsoft begins its defence
Microsoft has begun its defence in the anti-trust case brought against it by the US Government and 19 states, calling on testimony from personal computer makers Dell and Compaq in a closed session.

Microsoft's 12 angry men
The US government's twelve witnesses have all been heard in its case against Microsoft and their testimony frames its case.

USA versus Microsoft: the case resumes
As the USA versus Microsoft case moves into its tenth week, the Department of Justice appears to be better placed to win the case in the District Court, although political considerations in the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court might well overturn such a decision.

USA versus Microsoft: the ninth week
The last week before Christmas included dramatic evidence about how Internet Explorer could be removed from Windows 98 and more videotaped extracts from Bill Gates' deposition.

USA versus Microsoft: the eighth week
There was only one big question during the eighth week of the Microsoft anti-trust trial: Do you take Java with your browser, and if so, which flavour?

US versus Microsoft: the seventh week
Week seven of the US v Microsoft trial in which the final video-taped testimony of Bill Gates is shown in Washington to an electrified court.

USA versus Microsoft: The sixth week
Events outside the courtoom made their presence felt, as AOL announced its purchase of Netscape and Japan issued a warning to Microsoft.

USA versus Microsoft: The fifth week
If the fourth week of the Microsoft trial was a bad one for Microsoft, the fifth was a disaster.

USA versus Microsoft: the fourth week
Independent computer industry analyst Graham Lea reviews the fourth week of the US anti-trust case against Microsoft.

USA versus Microsoft: the third week
Graham Lea, an independent computer industry analyst, describes the third week of the US government trial against Microsoft.

USA versus Microsoft: the second week
The anti-trust trial of the decade - United States of America versus world-encompassing software giant Microsoft - is now in its third week, as lawyers wallow in the increasingly murky swamp of contradictory testimony and evidence.

USA versus Microsoft: the first week
One witness down, 23 to go - and it is already obvious that the case may take far longer than the originally anticipated six to eight weeks.

USA versus Microsoft: The first two days
The first two days of the case of the United States against Microsoft in the federal court in Washington DC have shown that there is a marked difference of style between the two sides.

Microsoft's monopoly: the charge sheet
Supplying the operating system for almost all PCs gives Microsoft a head-start when writing new and updated software. It is just one example of how the company has so much control in the world of hi-tech.

US state drops Microsoft case
South Carolina is pulling out of the anti-trust case against software giant Microsoft, claiming there is enough competition between Internet companies.

Microsoft says Netscape the bad boys
Microsoft continues to try and make rival Netscape's marketing strategy the focus of suspicion in the anti-trust trial that sees the world software giant charged with stifling competition.

Microsoft turns defence into attack
Lawyers for Microsoft have alleged that it was in fact rival Netscape that tried to reduce competition in the Internet browser market, not the world software giant as the US Government alleges.

Professor slams former student's testimony
The US Department of Justice has started presenting rebuttal evidence from Professor Franklin Fisher, the first of three witnesses it is allowed under the rules.

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