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Ban on drunken chat-up for thief

Falkirk Sheriff Court
Allan was given the life ban by Sheriff MacKinnon at Falkirk Sheriff Court

A convicted rapist who stole underwear has been banned for life from making sexual advances towards women while under the influence of alcohol.

Andrew Allan, 34, admitted sneaking into a woman's bedroom on 8 May and stealing her underwear "as a trophy".

Falkirk Sheriff Court was told Allan wanted to use the items "for sexual gratification".

In 2003, Allan, from Grangemouth, was given a four-year jail term for raping a woman in an Aberfoyle hotel bedroom.

The court heard that in the latest incident, Allan had crept into the home of a 38 year-old woman in Grangemouth's Candie Crescent uninvited.

He sneaked upstairs and walked into her bedroom, where she lay sleeping.

'Threatening behaviour'

He woke her, then stole her purse and four pairs of her knickers, before sneaking out again.

He then used her Visa card to steal 300 from a cash machine in the town.

Aiden Higgins, prosecuting, said: "It might reasonably be inferred that the accused was selecting items which he wished to keep for himself, for sexual gratification.

"He kept them and they were recovered from his own house."

Sheriff Neil MacKinnon imposed the chat-up ban after ruling that the theft was a crime "with a significant sexual element".

The Sexual Offences Prevention Order prohibits Allan for life "from approaching any females who are not known to him whilst under the influence of alcohol and using sexualised and/or threatening behaviour towards them."

It also bans him from drinking anywhere other than in his home, or being under the influence of alcohol in public.

He was also placed on probation for three years and on the sex offenders register and made the subject of a 10pm to 7am curfew for a year.

Allan was jailed for rape in 2003 after an attack on a sleeping women at the Covenanters' Inn in Aberfoyle in Perthshire, where he worked as a waiter.

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