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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 November 2007, 17:12 GMT
Freight traffic build-up concerns
Cathy Peattie
Cathy Peattie is the Labour MSP for Falkirk East
Falkirk MSP Cathy Peattie has called for action to limit the impact of freight traffic around Grangemouth.

Ms Peattie said the area, which serves as one of the main commercial ports in the UK, could suffer from a build-up of freight on local roads.

The Labour politician wants the transport infrastructure across the area considered as an essential part of the Government's national strategy.

Grangemouth is known as an "intermodal hub" with links by road, sea and rail.

Ms Peattie acknowledged the importance of the location to the Scottish economy but said the build up of traffic was not good for the people of the area.

'Efficient transportation'

She said: "Clearly, getting freight on to rail and ship has environmental and economic benefits not only to Grangemouth and surrounding areas, but to the whole of Scotland.

"As such it is welcome, but equally clearly, getting freight on to rail and ship increases road traffic to and within Grangemouth.

"Heavy traffic and congestion is not good for the people of Grangemouth nor is it compatible with efficient transportation, and unless something is done, it will get worse."

Ms Peattie said there was a need to look at access to the area via motorway and the impact of freight traffic on local roads.

A transport forum has been set up to establish a working group to discuss and lobby for improvements to meet the town's expanding role.

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