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Last Updated: Monday, 19 March 2007, 15:17 GMT
Culloden conflict brought to life
Culloden battle recreation - picture by Dougie Johnston

A quiet Borders landscape was the scene of the last major battle on British soil at the weekend.

The Jacobite forces of Prince Charles Edward Stuart came face to face once more with the British Army under the Duke of Cumberland.

This time, however, they were clashing for the cameras rather than the future of the throne.

Nonetheless, it is hoped the Lauder Moor re-enactment can give a great insight into the Battle of Culloden.

A film is being made of the conflict in order to become the centrepiece of a new 9m visitor attraction at the site near Inverness.

We are going to put the visitor right into the heart of the battle
Alexander Bennett
Project manager

However, the cameras came to the Scottish Borders because the Highland battlefield is considered to be a war grave.

The footage will be used to create an "immersion experience" of the famous battle.

It took place on 16 April 1746, and effectively ended Jacobite hopes of restoring the exiled Stuart dynasty to the throne of Britain.

Visitors to the new centre at Culloden - to open later this year - will be put in the middle of a recreation of that historic conflict.

Culloden charge - Picture by Dougie Johnston
Viewers will stand between the two sides about to charge

Project manager with the National Trust for Scotland, Alexander Bennett, said it would give a new understanding of the battle.

"This is filming for the centrepiece of our new exhibition," he said.

"We are trying to portray to our visitors the brutality of war in cinematographic terms.

"We are going to put the visitor right into the heart of the battle."

About 200 "troops" gathered at Lauder for filming on Saturday and Sunday.

Bad weather hit their plans, however, and the second day's action had to be postponed for about six weeks.

Once completed, the film will be screened at the Culloden Battlefield centre across 360 degrees - with viewers standing in the centre.

They will see the Jacobites facing them on one wall with the British army staring at them from the other side of the room.

Then the two sides will charge towards one another before meeting in close combat.

Site selection

Mr Bennett said that there were a number of reasons for selecting the Borders site as opposed to Culloden itself.

"We have a policy which is that we do not re-enact battles on the site," he said.

"We chose this site because it is very similar to the environment at Culloden.

"It had no intrusions in the background which, unfortunately, at Culloden we do have."

Once the film is complete it will be screened at the new visitor centre which is hoped to open in September this year.

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