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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 June 2006, 11:23 GMT 12:23 UK
Peebles protected by flood gate
Flooding in Peebles - image supplied by Ecosse Pix
New measures aim to reduce the risk of flooding in Peebles
Portable gates have been unveiled in the Tweed Green area of Peebles to help protect it from flood waters.

The area was badly hit in January 2005 and residents have formed a response group to put the new gates up if the River Tweed threatens to overflow.

Some local residents have called for the scheme to be extended to protect other parts of the town.

The system can stem waters up to about 15in deep and can be stored in a garage for a swift response.

"The gates here will protect a community," said Jim Gill of Scottish Borders Council.

It should make a difference to the residents there and help allay a lot of their fears and worries
Jim Gill
Scottish Borders Council

"It is not about protecting an individual household or business premises.

"This vennel leads through to an area of Peebles and these gates will protect that whole area.

"It should make a difference to the residents there and help allay a lot of their fears and worries about flooding."

The gates will be stored in one resident's garage - which means locals are not dependent on council staff turning up with sandbags.

Flash floods

It takes just 20 minutes to put the barrier up and local residents like Tony Botham would like to see the scheme extended to cover areas like the local nursing home.

He said heavy rainfall was now increasing in frequency.

"What was expected every 25 years - say 40 years ago - is now expected every eight years," he said.

It is already being suggested the gates could have prevented damage caused by flash floods on Eddiestone Road.

Other flood response groups could be formed in the town to protect other communities.

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