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Victim describes parade collision

Aberdeen city crash [Pic: Sandy Bremner]
Seven people were injured when the motorbike hit the crowd

An 11-year-old boy has told a court how he spent two weeks in hospital after being hit by a motorbike while watching a street parade.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard how the boy, who cannot be named, was watching the city's Torcher Parade with his mother when the bike landed on him.

It was being ridden by a teenager, with accused Graeme Hunter, 17, in the middle and another passenger behind.

Hunter denies the charges facing him. The trial continues.

Hunter, from Aberdeen, is accused of riding the bike "culpably and recklessly" through various streets in Aberdeen at excessive speeds, mounting paths and carrying out U-turns.

He is further accused of riding it in an erratic manner, kicking and colliding with pedestrians.

I got my leg put on a strap for two days then I had to go to have an operation and had a plate put in
11-year-old witness

Giving evidence, the 11-year-old boy said the first thing he could remember about the 26 April incident was lying on the ground in Union Street with the motorbike on top of him.

He added that he was: "Really scared, like it was a bad dream. My leg was really sore and my face and hand really sore.

"A man, a homeless person, came and pulled the motorbike off and he picked me up and lay me down on the ground so I was away from the bike. He stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.

"I got my leg put on a strap for two days then I had to go to have an operation and had a plate put in."

The boy told how he spent more than two weeks in hospital and would have to return for an operation to remove the plate next year.

The sheriff and jury trial also heard how he had spent five weeks on crutches.

Driven erratically

Witness Lesley Ford, 24, said the bike was being driven erratically with three youths on it before the crash.

The student claimed the bike carried out 180 degree turns and nearly collided with a taxi.

Minutes later, she saw police pursuing the trio, before they raced down the street and careered into the car.

Her partner Adam Taylor, 26, a medical research student, also claimed one of the two passengers kicked a car as it was driven down Union Street.

The parade was cancelled after the incident, in which seven people were injured.

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