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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 March 2008, 13:49 GMT
Talks wanted on council cutbacks
Aberdeen City Council
Campaign groups want to meet with Aberdeen councillors
Aberdeen councillors have been asked to attend talks with the various campaign groups fighting to save a range of services.

Schools, care services and leisure facilities are all earmarked for cutbacks or closure to save 27m.

MPs and MSPs have invited all political parties to debate the proposals face-to-face with those affected.

It follows claims that 300 jobs could be lost, a figure which is denied by the council.

Aberdeen North Labour MP Frank Doran said: "The decision of the council to make budget cuts across a whole range of services in the city will affect virtually every citizen and will have consequences for years to come."

'Extraordinary' reaction'

He explained: "The reaction of people in the city has been extraordinary.

"What people want more than anything is the chance to meet directly with the politicians directly responsible for these decisions.

"I hope that the council leaders will accept this invitation and give the people of Aberdeen the right to have their say."

Union leaders have claimed hundreds of jobs could be lost.

The council said it was going through a process agreed with the trades unions to identify potentially at-risk jobs, but insisted the starting figure was nowhere near 300.

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