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Last Updated: Thursday, 17 January 2008, 12:23 GMT
Warning for city's kerb crawlers
It is illegal to buy sex on Scotland's streets
A high-profile van with signs warning men trying to find prostitutes in Aberdeen that they face punishment is touring the harbour area.

New laws now mean it is illegal to buy sex on Scotland's streets.

The act also meant the scrapping of Aberdeen's prostitute tolerance zone, the only one in Scotland.

The van is touring Aberdeen's harbour area on Thursday with the message: "If you're crawling around like me you could be arrested".

Grampian Police Supt Adrian Watson said: "Since we announced that kerb crawlers would be charged as well as prostitutes we have not had a single arrest in Aberdeen, which may indicate that the campaign has had an immediate effect.

'Family impact'

"However, in order to back up that message, the 'Advan' will be on the streets in the area of the harbour, station and beach for eight hours. We hope that its presence will help drive the message home.

"Our officers will be on patrol in the area at the same time in case any offences come to light."

In addition to the Advan, posters have been put up along the routes favoured by kerb crawlers, and pubs in the area have been given beer mats and posters to put up in toilets to raise awareness.

Supt Watson added: "Those who may think it worth taking the risk should be aware of the potential impact such a charge would have on their family life, their employment, and their reputations.

"They could face a court appearance, incur a criminal record, a fine of up to 1,000, and risk damaging publicity which might not only hurt them but also their families."

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