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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 August 2007, 00:18 GMT 01:18 UK
Trampoline boy swallows 2 coin
Rory Davidson
Rory was allowed to keep the coin after it was removed
A nine-year-old boy had a 2 coin surgically removed from his throat after he swallowed it while trampolining in his garden.

Rory Davidson had been holding the money between his teeth when he attempted a back flip - and the coin became lodged in his throat.

He was taken to hospital and underwent an emergency operation.

The surgeon said the coin was the biggest object he had ever removed from a child's throat.

Rory had been playing in the garden of his home in Westhill, near Aberdeen, shortly before he was due to set off on holiday with his parents. He was handed the coin as a holiday gift by a neighbour.

I tried to remove the coin myself and even held him upside down but it wouldn't budge
Mike Davidson
Rory's dad

His father Mike said: "Unfortunately instead of putting the coin in one of the eight pockets in his jeans - I did actually count them later - he decided to hold it in his mouth and do a back flip.

"The first I knew about it was when he came running up to me in tears. I couldn't understand what he was saying at first but eventually realised he had swallowed something.

"When I put my fingers down his throat I could feel the coin. I tried to remove it myself and even held him upside down but it wouldn't budge."

Mr Davidson put Rory in his car and drove him the short distance to the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, where doctors took an x-ray of his throat.

He added: "You could clearly see the coin lodged in his throat. Thankfully he was able to breathe.

"Rory was given a full anaesthetic while the surgeon fished out the coin using equipment with a camera on it. He said it was the biggest thing he had ever seen lodged in a boy's throat."

Rory, a primary five pupil at Elrick Primary School, was kept in overnight before being allowed home the next morning.

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