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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 November 2006, 17:59 GMT
Dean killers branded 'despicable'
Colin Cowie, Shaun Paton and Kevin Leslie
The trio were on trial in Aberdeen for five weeks
Two men found guilty of murdering a father on the outskirts of Aberdeen, and a third convicted of his culpable homicide, have been branded "evil".

Colin Cowie, 22, and Kevin Leslie, 24, were found guilty of Dean Jamieson's murder, while Shaun Paton, 20, was found guilty of the lesser charge.

The body of the father-of-four, aged 30, was found in April after he was robbed, stripped and left to die.

His mother said the killers were "despicable" as sentence was deferred.

The jury of 12 women and three men took four-and-a-half hours to reach their verdicts at the High Court in Aberdeen.

Mr Jamieson had been picked up by an unofficial taxi service run by Cowie before being attacked and left to die.

'Truly appalling'

Mr Jamieson's mother Jo said: "Today's verdict in no way compensates for the pain and heartache experienced by the family. He was killed for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"His murderers are despicable individuals, devoid of conscience. They share equal responsibility for his slaughter regardless of tariff. We witnessed evil here today.

"Dean went for a pint, he flagged down what he thought was a taxi and he died. It could have happened to anyone."

Det Supt Alan Smith
That poor man was subjected to a frenzied, relentless attack, which was as humiliating and degrading as it was violent
Det Supt Alan Smith
Grampian Police

Grampian Police Det Supt Alan Smith said: "I hope the convictions today of those involved in this truly appalling killing brings some comfort to Dean's family.

"One can only imagine what was going through his mind as he was robbed, then driven to a remote area at knifepoint and subjected to a cowardly attack which resulted in his death.

"That poor man was subjected to a frenzied, relentless attack, which was as humiliating and degrading as it was violent. Dean was abandoned all but naked on a remote hillside in a night of freezing snow."

Picked up

The defence had argued that the men did not intend to kill Mr Jamieson but the Crown said the trio had shown a "wicked and reckless" disregard for his life.

The murder charge against a fourth accused, Colin Stewart, was dropped during the trial, which ran for more than five weeks.

Mr Stewart said Mr Jamieson had been picked up after flagging down a car driven by Cowie and had asked for a lift to his home in Kemnay, Aberdeenshire.

He said the group went to Elrick Hill, where Cowie ordered Mr Jamieson to take off some of his clothes. He said Mr Jamieson was then assaulted and left in a half-naked state.

Dean Jamieson
Mr Jamieson's body was found in Aberdeen in April

The trial heard how a partially clothed Mr Jamieson tried to escape from his attackers.

Mr Stewart said Mr Jamieson ran down a rural path before falling over and being hit by Cowie.

"He [Mr Jamieson] was not really saying much, he was just saying 'I want a lift home'," said Mr Stewart.

"That was the man's main intention, to go home to his wife and kids.

"Mr Jamieson tried to run but Mr Cowie hit him with a punch to the side of his face," he said.

As Mr Jamieson tried to flee he bumped into Leslie, who also hit him on the face, the witness said.

The court heard that Mr Jamieson was heading towards a car park when he fell over.

"Colin chased him down the road then started fighting with him," said Mr Stewart.

The court also heard claims that Cowie filmed himself jumping on Mr Jamieson's head and showed the footage on his mobile phone.

The victim's mother spoke after the conviction

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