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Drinks operation 'not a success'

Bottles of alcohol
The operation to combat under age drinking will continue

Police have confiscated alcohol from 10 boys and eight girls - the youngest of the group being 13 - in Inverness.

Ch Insp Julian Innes, of Northern Constabulary, said the operation could not be described as a success because so many youngsters were involved.

But he said the force's first use of test purchasing at licensed premises to see if they sell to under-18s was.

The tests involve a teenager, who is supervised by police and other agencies, trying to buy alcohol.

Five premises were targeted and passed. Other tests are planned.

Ch Insp Innes said Operation Roundup, which is aimed at combating under age drinking, would continue over the next few weeks.

The Inverness area commander said: "I am extremely disappointed that young people, their parents and carers are not getting the message that this will not be tolerated.

"I would not describe this latest operation as a success as there were so many youngsters to choose from."

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