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Last Updated: Friday, 22 February 2008, 21:20 GMT
Tightrope tricks 'moved indoors'
John Ritson treading a slackline
Slackliner John Ritson walks the line above Nevis River
The UK's inaugural slacklining masters competition in Fort William has been forced indoors due to bad weather.

Competitors from across Britain and the US are due to compete at Saturday's event, which will take place inside the Nevis Centre, instead of outside it.

The extreme sport is judged on who can pull off the most tricks and walk the furthest on a slackline, set metres above the ground.

The event is being held as part of Fort William Mountain Festival.

The sport was first dreamed up by American mountaineers in the 1970s and has been contested at heights of 5,000ft.

American experts

During the masters event, a 10-metre slackline will be set up a few metres off the ground.

Competitors will be judged on who can walk the furthest in an allotted time and perform the best trick.

Ric Pheigh, considered the most experienced slacklining judge in US, will be casting an eye over the entrants.

American experts Andy Lewis and world-record holder Damian Cookson will be taking part.

The masters has a prize fund of 2,000.

Last year, festival organisers promoted the event with a photo call which saw slackliner John Ritson walk a line above the Lower Falls of Nevis River.

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