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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 December 2006, 10:45 GMT
Father challenges Misbah ruling
Misbah Rana said she would not return to the UK
Lawyers for the father of Misbah Rana have lodged an appeal against a court order to send her back to Scotland.

The 12-year-old has been at the centre of a custody battle since she left her mother, Louise Campbell, to be with her father Sajad Rana in Pakistan.

A judge at the high court in Lahore ruled on Wednesday that she must return to Scotland, where her fate will be decided at the Court of Session.

The Lahore High Court is now being asked to review its decision.

Lawyers for Mr Rana said they were asking the court to give the 45-year-old custody of his daughter, who is also known as Molly Campbell.

Appeal lodged

It is thought that there will be a hearing on Monday to determine whether there is a legal basis for the appeal.

Speaking on Saturday, Mr Rana said: "The appeal has been lodged and my solicitor tells me that they will tell me next Monday or Tuesday about it.

"In the meantime, I've been told not to give interviews as it might jeopardise my case."

Ms Campbell, who lives in the Western Isles, has interim custody of her daughter.

Misbah and her mother Louise
Ms Campbell with her daughter before she left for Pakistan

Misbah left Scotland for Pakistan in August after being met by her sister Tahmina outside her school in Stornoway.

Police launched an investigation into a possible abduction, but it later emerged that Misbah had left Scotland of her own free will to be with her father.

Wednesday's hearing in Lahore considered whether an order by the Court of Session in Edinburgh last June giving interim custody to Ms Campbell had been violated.

It was also in line with a legal agreement on how cases involving children who are resident in the UK but are taken to Pakistan should be handled.

The judge ordered that Misbah should be handed over to the British High Commission within seven days.

Permanent custody

However, the schoolgirl said she was "angry" and "scared" at the verdict and declared she would not leave Pakistan.

Ms Campbell has an action lodged with the Court of Session for permanent custody of her daughter.

Misbah and her father also have papers lodged with the Edinburgh court defending the action.

Speaking after Wednesday's verdict, Ms Campbell said she was overjoyed that her daughter would be coming back to Scotland but added that Misbah would be "confused and scared".

Sajad Rana's lawyers lodge the appeal


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