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Christmas card's miracle delivery

First class stamp
The Christmas card had several post marks before it was delivered

A Christmas card has had a miracle delivery to a remote Scottish island despite bearing the wrong name and a non-existent address in England.

It was sent to Elaine Fletcher by an English couple who had holidayed in Argyll near to where she used to live.

It was addressed to her maiden name, Evans, and an unknown town in England even though she had married 10 years ago and moved to the isle of Colonsay.

It eventually reached there thanks to committed postmen with long memories.

The card was addressed to a "Mr and Mrs Evans", in "Newberry, Barkshire", even though Mrs Fletcher now stays in Kiloran, Colonsay.

It had been sent to her by a family who once stayed in a holiday cottage near where she used to live at Coulaghailtro Farm, Kilberry, near Tarbert, in Argyll.

'Wrong country'

Mrs Fletcher said: "It was postmarked at about seven places, ending up luckily at Tarbert, where the postman not only remembered I was once Miss Evans, 10 years ago, but that I had moved to Colonsay.

"He didn't know our address here, but we manage all five farms on Colonsay and Pete, the postman on the Kilberry run, sent it to 'The Colonsay Farm Manager'.

"It was very good of him to forward it on to Colonsay and luckily our equally on-the-ball postman, Keith Rutherford, remembered I had told him I was once an Evans.

"The card was from a family that had stayed in one of the farm holiday cottages. They had the wrong name, the wrong farm, wrong county and actually the wrong country."

Mrs Fletcher said she believed that the couple may have mixed the address up with that of another holiday cottage they have stayed in.

She added: "I would like to thank Chris and Sheila for the card."

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