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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 May 2007, 16:59 GMT 17:59 UK
Final speeches at Angelika trial
Angelika Kluk portrait image
Angelika was reported missing in September last year
Lawyers at the Angelika Kluk murder trial at the High Court in Edinburgh have started their closing speeches.

Advocate depute Dorothy Bain, prosecuting, told jurors there was a "powerful, compelling and overwhelming case against Peter Tobin".

Mr Tobin, 60, denies murdering and raping Ms Kluk, and hiding her body under the floor of St Patrick's Church in Anderston, Glasgow last September.

Closing arguments in the trial are to continue on Thursday.

Ms Bain said that the man accused of murdering Ms Kluk was "guilty of committing an atrocity against a defenceless young woman."

Closing speech

The prosecution lawyer said a careful analysis of fingerprint, forensic, circumstantial and eye-witness evidence demonstrated that Mr Tobin had raped and murdered Ms Kluk.

She added that he was the last person to see the student alive, and he had run away as well as giving false names.

In her speech to the jury, Ms Bain said that Mr Tobin's semen was found inside Ms Kluk and on jeans he wore. Sexual intercourse had happened close to the time she died.

The prosecution also said Mr Tobin's DNA had been found on the tape used to gag Ms Kluk and that her blood was on his watch.

"The evidence shows that Angelika Kluk was a victim of a terrible and sustained attack," Ms Bain told the jury.

"The death she must have endured is beyond description." The prosecutor reminded the eight women and seven men of the jury about the oath they took at the start of the trial, to give a true verdict, according to the evidence.

Defence QC Donald Findlay is expected to make his closing speech on Thursday.

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