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Last Updated: Thursday, 29 March 2007, 18:41 GMT 19:41 UK
Fury at Angelika priest sex claim
Father Gerry Nugent
The court heard Father Nugent reportedly had sex with Angelika
A priest's reported claims that he had sex with a student whose body was found at his church have been branded "outrageous" by the dead girl's sister.

The Angelika Kluk murder trial heard that Father Gerry Nugent spoke to police investigating the Polish woman's death about their relationship.

The High Court in Edinburgh also heard evidence from Martin Macaskill who was having an affair with Angelika, 23.

Peter Tobin, 60, a church handyman, denies raping and murdering her.

Angelika was staying at St Patrick's Church in Anderston, Glasgow, when she disappeared last September.

Her body was discovered beneath its floor.

Angelika's sister Aneta, 28, told the court that the priest was a liar and a "Jekyll and Hyde" character who drank too much.

Sexual relationship

Aneta told the trial that "devout Catholic" Angelika was "inspired" by the parish priest and that they were close friends.

Defence QC Donald Findlay challenged: "Did your sister at any time say anything to you directly to the effect that she had had, or was having, a sexual relationship with Father Nugent?"

Aneta told the lawyer: "Never."

Mr Findlay said: "So it presumably came as a considerable shock to you to discover that Father Nugent was claiming he and Angelika had had at some point in time a sexual relationship?"

Aneta: "It is outrageous and untrue."

The court was shown a copy of the priest's alleged confession to the affair printed in the Mail on Sunday newspaper last month.

Angelika Kluk
The court heard of Angelika's affair with a married man

Mr Findlay asked Aneta: "Did you believe in your own mind Father Nugent was a liar when he said he had a sexual relationship?"

"Yes," Aneta said.

The trial heard that in the days leading up to Angelika's death Father Nugent became "cold" towards the girl and began "snapping" at her.

Mr Findlay suggested that was because he became aware of the relationship between Angelika and Mr Macaskill.

Mr Macaskill, a married man in his 40s who the court heard was having an affair with Angelika, took the stand on Thursday afternoon.

The chauffeur choked back tears as he was shown the diary Angelika kept of their relationship.

In her diary, found by police, Angelika described her first meeting with Martin Macaskill.

He was driving a family of Russian tourists, for which she was acting as nanny, around Scotland in June last year.

She loved me and described me as the most important person in her life
Martin Macaskill

"Martin is a very nice man. It is a pity most nice men are already taken. He is not too old either, merely 40," was Angelika's first impression.

Mr Macaskill stared hard at the page and told the court: "I have never seen this before, this is a surprise to me."

The court heard that their relationship soon became a sexual one.

"I loved her and I still do," said Mr Macaskill.

Advocate depute Dorothy Bain, prosecuting, asked if Angelika told of her feelings for him.

Mr Macaskill replied: "Yes very clearly. That she loved me and described me as the most important person in her life."

He said his wife, Anne, was "angry and upset" when he told her of the affair and demanded that he stop seeing Angelika.

Ms Bain: "You were obviously heavily involved with a young woman who was very keen on you. What were you intending to do with your life?"

Mr Macaskill: "I guess we will never know."

Martin Macaskill
Mr Macaskill said he was in love with Angelika

Mr Macaskill described meetings with Angelika in her room at St Patrick's chapel house and the long discussions they had about the affair and his wife.

After one meeting, the student's diary entry read: "I have never missed anyone as much as I miss Martin even though he was here just a short time ago."

He said the last time he saw her was on 14 September, the day before he went to Majorca to join his wife.

The murder charge against Mr Tobin alleges that between 24 and 29 September of last year at the church in William Street, he raped Angelika, battered her with a piece of wood or something similar and repeatedly struck her with a knife.

It has been alleged that he then hid the body under the floor of the church in an attempt to defeat the ends of justice.

He denies all charges against him. In a "special defence" Mr Tobin has admitted having sex with the Polish student, with her consent.

He has been accused of further offences of giving a false name and a breach of the peace.

Mr Macaskill is expected to face further questions when the trial continues on Friday.

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