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Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 December 2006, 17:57 GMT
Lighthouse shines on history film
Health of a City celebrates the work of Glasgow's medical officer

Rare films from the Scottish Screen Archive depicting life in Glasgow in the 20th Century will be screened at The Lighthouse in the city centre.

Scotland's National Architecture and Design Centre will host screenings of the Glasgow Corporation films, captured between 1920 and 1978.

Lucy McEachen, exhibitions manager, said: "They are a remarkable record of life, times and people."

Organisers want to trace those Glaswegians involved in the films.

Ms McEachen added: "The films document Glasgow's industries, its decline, demolition and re-building.

"Above all they capture the day to day lives of Glaswegians across 50 years."

'Housewives of tomorrow'

Among the films set to be shown are three from the series of fundraising films produced in aid of the Necessitous Children's Holiday Camp Fund.

These are Sadness and Gladness from1928, Sunny Days from 1931 and Tam Trauchle's Troubles, made in 1934.

The films were made to help raise money for camp.

They were shown in Glasgow cinemas before the main feature and collecting boxes were sent round the audience.

Housewives of Tomorrow - a film dating from 1951 - shows how domestic science was taught in Glasgow schools.

The woman's place is firmly "in the home" with the girls being trained for their lives as housewives.

Another film, Health of a City made in 1965, was made to commemorate the centenary of the appointment of the first medical officer of health for Glasgow and highlights their work in housing, schools and hospitals.

The exhibition called Sadness and Gladness opens at the beginning of March 2007 and will run for two months.


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