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Last Updated: Friday, 1 September 2006, 13:53 GMT 14:53 UK
Dispersal order first for Glasgow
A police officer posts a dispersal order notice
Police have posted details of the dispersal order area in Knightswood
Police patrolling a housing estate plagued by vandalism and gang violence will enforce an anti-social behaviour power for the first time.

Officers have the power to split-up groups of two or more people in Knightswood under a dispersal order.

First Minister Jack McConnell wants authorities across Scotland to make more use of the power.

He said: "It is time for authorities to use tools available to make sure local people have a decent way of life."

Mr McConnell, on a visit to Knightswood, said Glasgow's approach was "a start but not enough".

He added: "There are many parts of Scotland that need these dispersal orders and make them work.

"There are many other parts of Scotland that are not yet using them."

Knightswood Park Councillor Paul Rooney
This dispersal order is required in order for the residents to go about their ordinary business without fear
Knightswood Park Councillor Paul Rooney

The dispersal order runs from 1500 BST to 0300 BST each day.

Local resident Sandra Jackson said: "There's 17 or 18 youngsters running about with iron bars and knives and things.

"It's quite scary.

"Dispersal orders will make quite a difference in our area if they continue to be moved on, but they'll go somewhere else.

"I think it moves the problem to another area."

The order allows Strathclyde Police to disperse groups of two or more people for the first time.

Anyone who does not comply faces a fine of up to 2,500 and up to three months imprisonment.

Knightswood Park Councillor Paul Rooney said anti-social behaviour was a misery which residents have had to endure for too long.

He added: "Now we are taking action, the community is not willing to tolerate this type of behaviour.

"This dispersal order is required in order for the residents to go about their ordinary business without fear."

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