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False limbs expert struck off over 'wrong foot'

Astley Ainslie hospital
The claims relate to Malcolm Griffiths' time at the Astley Ainslie hospital

An artificial limbs specialist who fitted a left foot to a patient who had lost his right leg has been struck off.

Malcolm Griffiths admitted 16 charges relating to 11 patients at a rehabilitation clinic in Edinburgh.

The Health Professions Council heard complaints against Mr Griffiths, relating to his time at the Astley Ainslie Hospital.

One of the charges was he fitted a left foot to Patrick Morrison, 76, whose right foot had been removed.

The hearing heard that Mr Griffiths also failed to spot his error at two later check-ups.

Mr Morrison, from Bathgate, should have been given an artificial limb and right foot.

In pain

Mr Griffiths appeared before the conduct and competence committee of the Health Professions Council at the hearing in Edinburgh.

The charges he faced included fitting a lower limb with the wrong foot and and failing to provide adequate prosthetic care, which meant the socket required remaking.

Mr Morrison said he had been forced to have the limb fitted after an amputated toe became infected with MRSA following hospital treatment.

He said the wrongly fitted limb had a shoe on it which may have made the error harder to spot and that he bore "no malice" towards Mr Griffiths.

The specialist also faced several other claims relating to his time at the Astley Ainslie's rehabilitation centre.

These included failing to keep adequate notes, failing to carry out repairs and leaving a patient in pain.

Mr Griffiths' lawyer said his client admitted all the charges against him and requested that his name be removed from the health profession's register.

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