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Council flood response 'was slow'

Flooding in East Wemyss
Houses in East Wemyss were still surrounded by water on Monday

Fife Council has been criticised for its "slow" response to recent flooding in the region.

Councillor Tom Adams, whose ward covers East Wemyss where floods hit on Sunday, said the local authority's response was "horrendous and shocking".

Another councillor for the area, Andrew Rodger, said Fife Council had been warned by residents on Friday that the local river was blocked with leaves.

Fife Council said a range of council services had been on stand-by to help.

Mr Adams told the BBC news website: "It is really bad that a whole neighbourhood is flooded out but the council does not come out until water starts going into people's homes. It is atrocious.

Only one couple required accommodation overnight at a local hotel, others made their own arrangements
Derek Crowe
Fife Council

"One pensioner had to to be taken to hospital because all her medicine was ruined by the water, which was over waist height.

"We had to go through a network of colleagues to get the number for the chief executive of Fife Council to kick start any emergency plan."

Mr Rodger said: "I was on the phone to Fife Council's emergency number for 18 minutes without a reply, it was very frustrating.

"We all acted very quickly but there was no response from the council.

"A resident warned council officials on Friday about the blockage in the river and went back to check later that day to see if they had removed it but they hadn't."

Derek Crowe, Fife Council's transportation senior manager, said: "The flooding situation in Fife improved greatly over night.

"For residents the worst affected area in Fife was in East Wemyss where residents in Kingslaw, East Brae and Cave Cottages had to leave their homes.

"Only one couple required accommodation overnight at a local hotel, others made their own arrangements.

"A range of council services were on stand-by yesterday [Sunday] to help anyone evacuated from these areas.

"Community halls in St Andrews and East Wemyss were opened to provide a place of safety."

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