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Abuse families react to verdict

Eight men have been convicted for their involvement in Scotland's biggest known paedophile network.

Neil Strachan and James Rennie
Strachan and Rennie were both convicted of sex attacks on children

Two of the network were convicted of the attempted rape and sexual assault of young children, referred to in court as Child F and Child JL

The family of Child F, who was abused by James Rennie, gave their reaction to the verdict.

"In December 2007 our lives were turned upside down when we were visited by DI Hood, who informed us of the suspected abuse of our son, and the arrest of James Rennie.

"For a year and four months now we have had to live with the impact and haunting consequences this has had on our lives.

"For over 15 years James Rennie seemed the closest of family friends, and it is hard to put into words the extent of the betrayal he has exacted upon us, as many of the details may identify our family and son.

"However, it would be fair to state that he was with us, appearing to give friendship and support, during the most difficult and vulnerable times in our lives - all of which have been discussed in court.

This is not the end for us, but the start of the process to rebuild our lives

"To subsequently learn that he abused our son, and invited others to do the same, has been devastating.

"As a family we have had to learn to live, and cope with, the effect these horrific events have had.

"To those individuals who have not yet been caught, but who are involved in the exploitation and abuse of children: consider this case carefully.

"Think about what will happen to these men, and the effects on the children and families involved.

"To those who consider themselves voyeurs - who think that these children are not real, that they are faceless and with no background: be assured that every child involved in every image has a name, parents, friends, and a background of which you know nothing, and a life ahead of them which you are complicit in destroying.

"Voyeurs of child pornography are paedophiles, and contribute directly to the abuse of children - claiming that you would never actually harm a child is delusional.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have supported us throughout this time.

"As yet, how this will affect our son's relationships with peers and other adults as he grows older is unknown.

"As such, this is not the end for us, but the start of the process to rebuild our lives."

The mother of child Child JL, abused by Neil Strachan, gave her response to his conviction.

"The anguish I feel towards Mr Strachan is indescribable.

"I will never be able to forgive him for the sick acts that he committed against my son.

"I feel that no matter what punishment given to Mr Strachan it will never be able to compensate for the hurt, devastation and great deal of stress brought to me and my family.

"Mr Strachan used and abused our trust in order to satisfy his and others' sick needs.

"I hope and pray that my son will be able to live and lead a normal happy childhood in the forthcoming years as every parent would wish and desire for their children.

"Our family is now trying to put this behind us, move forward and hopefully regain some normality back into our lives.

"My thoughts and sympathy go to the other victim and his parents also involved in this case.

"I would like to thank the police officers from Lothian and Borders who were involved in the investigation for their hard work, time, effort and determination in bringing these men to our attention and for putting an end to the disgusting, indecent acts that these men had been committing against young innocent children."

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