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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 March 2008, 00:01 GMT
Noise squad warn MP3 player users
RNID Scotland's Don't Lose the Music Squad
The Don't Lose the Music Squad will be in Edinburgh
People in Edinburgh are being offered the chance to see if their MP3 players are damaging their hearing.

A charity for the deaf will be on the capital's streets to find out how many are risking permanent hearing damage.

Royal National Institute for Deaf People's Don't Lose the Music Squad wants to know if users listen to music too loudly.

The move comes after research showed 90% of youngsters experienced the signs of hearing damage after a night out.

RNID Scotland director, Delia Henry, said: "There were 8.5 million MP3 players sold last year in the UK alone and many of them can reach sound levels above 100 decibels - far louder than 85 decibels which, according to the World Health Organisation, can damage hearing over time.

"RNID's Don't Lose the Music Squad has come to Edinburgh to see how loudly shoppers are listening and to offer them advice on how to protect their hearing."

The team will be at The Mound at 0930 GMT on Tuesday.


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