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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 21:03 GMT 22:03 UK
Labour lost council majority vote
Edinburgh Council
Edinburgh Council sees the biggest balance of power change in the area
Edinburgh Council has lost its majority Labour rule after half its council seats were gained by other parties in the ward elections.

The council's balance of power has ended for the first time in 23 years with just 15 Labour councillors being voted in compared with 30 previously.

Liberal Democrat councillors won 17 seats while SNP gained 12, the Conservatives 11 and the Greens three.

It is thought councillors will now enter into coalition talks.

Previously Labour had a narrow majority by two councillors which, as long as none of them were ill or on holiday, could push motions through during council meetings.

Edinburgh Council had 2,483 ballot papers rejected.

Face talks

However, Labour did secure a slight majority in Fife Council with 24 councillors voted in against the SNP's 23 and the Lib Dems' 21.

The Conservatives have five councillors and there were five from other parties.

Again though the results saw Labour lose 11 councillors compared with the last council election while SNP increased by 10 councillors.

Fife Council's rejected ballot papers totalled 2,173.

Midlothian Council remained a Labour majority with nine councillors securing places compared with SNP's six and Lib Dem's three.

Ballots rejected reached 472 for Midlothian Council.

West Lothian Council also saw Labour casualties with the four lost, leaving 14 councillors. The SNP secured two more places on the last election to total 13.

West Lothian Council had 1319 spoilt votes.

East Lothian Council faces talks after no overall control was won. Labour and SNP both had 7 councillors after the votes were counted. The Lib Dems had six while the Conservatives had 2.

East Lothian Council had 605 spoilt votes (1.44% of the votes).

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