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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 July 2006, 10:49 GMT 11:49 UK
Mini motorbike clampdown in city
Miniature motorcycle (picture from Kent Police)
Mini motorbikes can reach speeds of up to 60mph
A crackdown has been launched on youths on mini motorbikes causing disruption on Edinburgh's streets.

Complaints are on the rise over the trouble caused by people riding minimotos, go-peds and quad bikes, according to the police and council.

The new safety campaign has been set up in a bid to stop people driving the machines illegally and dangerously on the capital's streets.

It is understood the problem is worst in Craigmillar and Wester Hailes.

The Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership, which has launched the campaign, said the problem had worsened following the sale of the machines by retailers as toys.

Minimotos are not toys, and bikers need to realise that they can be very annoying and even dangerous if driven badly
Councillor Sheila Gilmore
Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership

Reaching speeds of up to 60mph, the smaller replicas of full-size motorbikes cost about 150.

The campaign will involve officers visiting shops which sell the machines to ask them to sign up to a new code of practice, which means they would have to inform customers the minimotos cannot be used on the road unless properly insured and taxed.

They must also have a horn, number plate, lights, proper tyres and a speedometer.

Councillor Sheila Gilmore, chairwoman of the Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership, said: "Minimotos are not toys, and bikers need to realise that they can be very annoying and even dangerous if driven badly.

"We hope that everyone involved will co-operate to ensure that riders of these bikes comply with all the legislation and advice."

Leaflets will also be distributed across the city in police stations, libraries, schools and council offices to explain how people can complain about dangerous minimoto drivers.

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