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Marchers call for peace in Gaza

Gaza march
Protesters showed outrage at the attacks in Gaza

Protesters have held a march in Dundee against the conflict in Gaza as Israel makes moves to end the offensive.

The march, organised by Tayside for Justice in Palestine, was followed by a rally in City Square.

It comes as Respect MP George Galloway has said he intended to lead an aid convoy to Gaza.

Organisers of pro-Israel events have said they want Gaza and Israel to live in peace, but argued that Hamas must accept responsibility for the conflict.

A spokesman for Tayside for Justice in Palestine said: "Even before the military attacks, the Israeli blockade had turned Gaza into an open prison.

The Palestinians lack everything from pyjamas to laptops and anything practical that people want to give, we'll transport it there
George Galloway MP
"Now it is at the mercy of one of the world's most well-equipped armies, and its people have nowhere to hide."

Raymond Mann, from Scottish Friends of Israel, said: "Hamas don't want a ceasefire, they'll continue firing, they've said it today, they don't hide what they're doing, they will continue to fire into Israel."

Mr Galloway, who is also running for rector of Edinburgh University, said he intended to lead the aid mission to Gaza shortly after the election, which takes place at the start of February.

He said: "People all over the world have taken to the streets in protest at this barbaric assault on a people whose only crime is that they continue to exist."

Gaza attack
Fierce clashes were continuing in Gaza on Saturday morning
The MP said the convoy would be setting out from Edinburgh in early February, going through France, Spain, and north Africa to Gaza.

Mr Galloway added: "It'll be led by two fire engines, gleaming red, one from Strathclyde, one from Tayside, with trucks full of firefighting equipment, helmets boots, axes, all sorts of things that are vitally necessary in the Gaza strip.

"There will be ambulances in the convoy, there'll be trucks from all over the country with material aid, the Palestinians lack everything from pyjamas to laptops and anything practical that people want to give, we'll transport it there."

Thousands of protesters were also taking part in marches in cities across the UK.

Health officials in Hamas-controlled Gaza say at least 1,105 Palestinians have been killed and 5,100 wounded since Israel launched an offensive on 27 December to end rocket attacks against its people.

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