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Scots fans turned away from game

Police with Scotland fans
Macedonian police refused access to fans with "invalid" tickets

Hundreds of football fans have had trouble getting into Scotland's World Cup qualifier against Macedonia.

Riot police arrived at the stadium after up to 1,000 supporters were told their tickets were not valid.

Jenny Watson, from Musselburgh, was given tickets by player Kenny Miller but was not allowed in and said disappointed fans headed back to town.

The SFA said some fans had bought briefs for the Macedonian section and were refused entry.

The first qualifier of Scotland's World Cup campaign was taking place at the City Stadium in Skopje, with Scotland losing 1-0.

Ms Watson told BBC Scotland a few of her friends got in ahead of her but then police began turning fans away, telling them their tickets were invalid.

She said: "At one point we were stuck between one set of riot police and another just outside the stadium and we couldn't move, we were just kind of stuck there.

"One of our friends was on the other side and when he tried to move through to join us he had a baton held to him.

"We all like to make comments about the SFA being disorganised but the SFA are a dream compared to this - the way that the police were behaving was completely out of order."

Ms Watson said that with four lines of riot police fans had tried waving their tickets but were still turned back and headed into town to get a beer and watch the game on television.

Macedonian riot police
Macedonian riot police were in place at the City Stadium
SFA security advisor Derek Kirkwood said travel club members had been allowed entry with no problems.

But he added: "There's probably about another thousand who have come over to Macedonia in the hope of maybe getting tickets for the match and they've been buying them off people in the street.

"Unfortunately, they're for the Macedonian section of the stadium and the police commander in charge of the event is not allowing these people in."

Mr Kirkwood said the SFA had made representations before the game to let these fans in but the efforts were refused on safety grounds.

The stadium has had building work ongoing meaning only part of the ground was in use.

Macedonia 1-0 Scotland
06 Sep 08 |  Internationals

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