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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 April 2007, 23:30 GMT 00:30 UK
At-a-glance: Solidarity manifesto
Solidarity has launched its manifesto for the Holyrood elections. Here are the main points of the plan.

Public services

  • Bring forward a bill to place Scottish Water firmly in public hands, write-off historic debts and abolish domestic water charges.
  • A referendum on Scottish independence.


  • Bring in a bill setting targets for councils to cut primary school class sizes to an average of 19 pupils.
  • Employ and train additional teachers, paid for by cutting "bureaucratic management" and abolishing charitable tax relief for private schools.
  • Abolish the student graduate endowment and bring back grants.


  • Introduce a bill to make all school meals free, at an estimated cost of 180m per year, while exposing children to healthy eating choices at an early age.
  • Invest at least 10m to improve support for young carers.
  • Give young carers free access to distance learning and Open University courses to combat the proportion leaving school with little or no qualifications.
  • Plans, in a parliamentary bill, to give a non-means tested allowance to all carers.
  • Propose legislation to provide fast help for drug addicts to address their problem, including the possible prescription of heroin under medical supervision.
  • Scrap prescription charges at a cost of 46m per year.


  • Bring a bill to ban airguns, an issue reserved to Westminster, using the UK parliament to pass the appropriate powers to Holyrood.


  • Call for the construction of at least 30,000 new local authority homes in the next three years.


  • Bring forward a bill creating a not-for-profit renewable energy corporation for Scotland.
  • Place a statutory duty on the Scottish Executive to bring in 10-year "rolling plans" for a "renewable energy economy".


  • Set up a Scottish Fisheries Board to allow fishermen to advise on government policy, offer subsidies and incentives for improving equipment and promote "substantial" council house investment in fishing areas.
  • Scrap council tax and replace it with an income-related Scottish Service Tax which would see those earning below 10,000 pay nothing, while raising at least 300m a year more for local services.
  • Cap rents charged to tenant farmers and award grants to encourage new entrants to farming as well as payments to support organic farming.
  • Abolish Scottish Enterprise and all associated local enterprise companies, freeing up 500m per year to fund the scrapping of domestic water charges and direct funding into "proper apprenticeships" and long-term jobs for local communities.


  • Bring Scotland's railways back into public ownership, with services run by a not-for-profit company.

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