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Last Updated: Saturday, 30 June 2007, 21:39 GMT 22:39 UK
Life should 'go on', says Salmond
Alex Salmond
Alex Salmond said the public should remain vigilant
Scotland's first minister Alex Salmond has appealed to the public not to let terrorist incidents stop daily life going on.

Mr Salmond appealed for calm, following the attack at Glasgow Airport, while stressing that steps were being taken to keep people safe.

He also told BBC Scotland that individuals, not communities, were responsible for their actions.

Police, he added were operating in the most effective way.

The first minister, who took part in a meeting of government emergencies committee Cobra, said that assessing the continuing threat to the public and what measures had to be taken to protect them was a key priority.

Individuals are responsible for their actions, not communities
Alex Salmond MSP
Scottish first minister

"That will mean certainly a more visible police presence at not just our airports but other areas of key transport infrastructure," he said.

Mr Salmond said: "Can I just stress how important it is that people remain calm, that life goes on in Scotland, that we do not allow terrorist incidents to divert us from the importance of Scottish life continuing."

Members of the public, he added, should remain vigilant and could be of enormous assistance to the police.

'Strong' relations

"But we all have to remain calm and go about our business.

"I know that's how people in Scotland will want to react to this incident."

Commenting on suggestions that Muslim extremists could be responsible for the Glasgow Airport incident, Mr Salmond stressed: "Individuals are responsible for their actions, not communities.

"No community in Scotland should feel threatened or under suspicion because of this incident."

Community relations in Scotland, he said, were strong, adding: "They've withstood a number of pressures over recent years and they'll withstand this pressure as well."


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