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Last Updated: Monday, 15 January 2007, 13:57 GMT
The Act of Union Quiz
How much do you know about the 1707 Union of Scotland with England?

Try this multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge on the key facts and the key players.

Question 1
Who said "there's an end to ane auld sang"?
A: The Earl of Glasgow
B: The Duke of Hamilton
C: The Earl of Seafield
D: Rabbie Burns
Question 2
How many articles are contained in the Treaty of Union?
A: 78
B: 5
C: 25
D: 18
Question 3
Who was the Duke of Queensberry?
A: The Queen's High Commissioner in Scotland
B: The Lord Chancellor of Scotland
C: The leader of the Opposition
D: Chairman of the Lords of the Articles Committee
Question 4
Daniel Defoe is well known as the author of Robinson Crusoe. But what was his special role in the Union?
A: The proponent of the dissenters
B: The official pamphleteer
C: The official author
D: An agent of the Crown in Edinburgh
Question 5
After the Union, how many peers and MPs did Scotland have in the Houses of Parliament?
A: 27 peers and 62 MPs
B: 16 peers and 45 MPs
C: 45 peers and 16 MPs
D: 18 peers and 32 MPs
Question 6
How many children did Queen Anne have at the time of the Act of Union?
A: 6
B: 1
C: None
D: 3
Question 7
On what date did the Union between Scotland and England take effect?
A: 16 January 1707
B: 1 May 1707
C: 5 May 1707
D: 21 June 1707
Question 8
How many members of the Scottish Parliament voted for the Act and how many against?
A: 110 votes for and 67 against
B: 100 votes for and 77 against
C: 117 votes for and 60 against
D: 150 votes for and 27 against

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