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Last Updated: Friday, 7 July 2006, 16:18 GMT 17:18 UK
SNP energised by renewable future
Wind turbines
Mr Salmond said Scotland could become a beacon nation
Scotland's energy future should be renewable not nuclear, the Scottish National Party has insisted.

SNP leader Alex Salmond underlined the party's commitment to renewable energy, calling for Scotland to make decisions future generations could be proud of.

Next week the party will publish the Scottish Energy Review, carried out by figures in the energy sector.

The Scottish Greens welcomed the call but highlighted SNP commitments to road and air travel and the oil economy.

Banff and Buchan MSP Mr Salmond made a keynote speech while on a visit to Midlothian-based Renewable Devices, a global leader in the development of micro-renewables technology.

The UK Government's energy review is expected to be published next week, and ministers have signalled support for including nuclear energy in a mix of future power generation.

I want a future Scotland with renewable generation in our communities not nuclear waste convoys
Alex Salmond
SNP leader

Mr Salmond said: "Energy is Scotland's opportunity and Scotland's challenge.

"That is why we must, as a nation, be energy wise and make decisions that will benefit us today and for the long-term, decisions that our children and their children can be proud of.

"The bottom line is that I want a future Scotland with renewable generation in our communities not nuclear waste convoys on our roads.

"And that means a Scotland today that invests in our strengths and our potential - community and offshore wind, bio-mass, hydro, tidal, wave and solar power."

The party said that Scotland had 25% of Europe's capacity for wind and tidal power, as well as 10% of Europe's wave power. It wants to see this harnessed and turned into a profitable and environmentally sustainable industry.

The SNP cannot be taken seriously on the environment
Mark Ballard
Green MSP

The SNP has also vowed to implement a climate change policy incorporating ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as supporting research and development into clean technologies.

Mr Salmond said that Scotland could become a beacon nation for renewable and clean carbon technology.

The Greens backed support for the renewables sector and opposition to nuclear power but accused the SNP of "double-speak" in political choices over energy and the environment.

Mark Ballard MSP said: "The SNP cannot be taken seriously on the environment as long as they support the building of the M74 extension, the Aberdeen bypass and a host of other road expansion projects that will increase traffic levels and pollution.

"Their support for massive expansion of aviation also bursts the Nationalist environmental bubble rather severely."

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