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Last Updated: Wednesday, 22 February 2006, 20:06 GMT
Disc counterfeiter sent to jail
The Office
Malone copied music, films and TV shows, including The Office
A counterfeiter who sold thousands of fake DVDs and CDs in the run up to Christmas has been jailed.

Airdrie Sheriff Court heard George Malone, 48, had built up his black market operation over two years at his home in Cumbernauld.

Malone admitted producing the illegal copies and selling them at industrial estates across west central Scotland.

He was sentenced to nine months in prison, despite claims he had only made 900 from the venture.

Goods seized in a raid on Malone's house had a black market street value of 18,385 and caused a loss to trade of an estimated 50,000.

He was aware what he was doing was illegal, but viewed it as a small-scale venture
Gerry Mays
Defence lawyer

North Lanarkshire Council trading standards had been given a tip-off that leaflets were being distributed offering DVDs and CDs for sale.

They then traced the operation to Malone's house where he was observed loading a car with boxes of CDs and DVDs.

When the house was raided, thousands of counterfeit music and film discs were seized.

Prosecutor Lyn Gordon said: "A multi-burner was operating which could make up to 147 DVDs and 500 music discs per day.

"During a police interview he told officers he was doing it to capture the Christmas market and was operating the business under a company name called Digital Recordings."

Internet downloads

Malone's lawyer Gerry Mays said: "When he realised the ease in which music could be downloaded from the internet he began this enterprise.

"He was aware what he was doing was illegal, but viewed it as a small-scale venture.

"He tells me he only made 900 from sales at 2 a time in the first year and spent a considerable amount of the money on buying new CD burners. He recognises he has made a horrendous mistake."

Jailing Malone, Sheriff Douglas Brown said he was satisfied he had been running a substantial commercial business enterprise.

Malone admitted producing DVDs and CDs bearing the signs and trade marks of multi-national and worldwide distribution film and music companies.

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