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Last Updated: Friday, 17 February 2006, 16:29 GMT
Mother's ashes removed from eBay
Urn containing Margaret Beaton's ashes
The ashes were to be sent out in sachets for bidders to scatter
Internet site eBay has removed an auction seeking help in scattering the ashes of a user's mother around the world.

Glen Beaton, who lives in Inverness, said his mother Margaret had always wanted to travel to the US, Australia and New Zealand.

He had been auctioning sachets of her remains for 1p on eBay, but said he would not actually collect the money.

Mr Beaton said all he was doing was fulfilling his mother's wish.

The 45-year-old pet shop assistant said he had not been charging for the ashes.

If bids were entered beyond the 1p starting price he was removing the listing and relisting it.

"This is not about making money," he said.

Margaret Beaton died in Inverness two years ago.

Mr Beaton scattered most of her remains in the River Ness but said that in her final days she had expressed regret over never having had the chance to travel further.

He said he came up with the idea of asking auction site users to help him out after being in contact with people from around the world through selling other items.

Also being offered for sale on Mr Beaton's auction page was his soul.

He said: "I am an atheist so I don't think I really need it."

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