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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006, 11:51 GMT
Cinema appeal for sick children
Yorkhill Hospital lecture theatre
This lecture theatre will be transformed at a cost of 300,000
An appeal for funds to "bring the magic of the silver screen" to Scotland's sick children and their families has been made by a children's charity.

Yorkhill Children's Foundation needs 300,000 to build Scotland's first and the UK's second MediCinema.

Shona Cardle, of the Glasgow-based foundation, said: "Sick children often lose out on family life and this will enable them to go to the cinema."

MediCinema is backed by Ewan McGregor and provides free screenings.

It's a great form of escape from problems, concerns and pain - they enjoy being normal
Christine Hill
Chief executive of MediCinema

It is said to "enhance patient care".

The cinema will be built in a lecture theatre in Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow, with easy access for wheelchairs and beds.

A large proportion of the 300,000 has already been raised and work is expected to get under way in the summer.

Shona Cardle, executive director of Yorkhill Children's Foundation, said a "final push" is needed for funds for building and sustaining the cinema.

She said: "In an ideal world, children wouldn't get sick.

Shona Cardle
Shona Cardle wants Scots to aid the "final push" for MediCinema

"In a better world they would come to Yorkhill and then go home again.

"For some it is a long, hard slog.

"For those that are in for a long time they can get fed up and depressed, MediCinema will put a smile back on their faces.

"We are nearly there and need a final push.

"We need to keep trying."

The foundation said it is competing with many other charities for funds.

Mrs Cardle added: "There are many competitors and people can get charity fatigue, it makes it difficult.

"But fundraising for sick children will always be a popular choice.

MediCinema Aims
Provide therapeutic benefit
Relieve boredom and stress
Provide a distraction
Prevent isolation
Provide a community atmosphere

"Many identify with it and are sympathetic."

The first MediCinema auditorium has already been built at St Thomas' Hospital in London, a stone's throw from the birth place of Charlie Chaplin.

Christine Hill, chief executive of the MediCinema charity, said: "It is fantastic and gets patients off the wards.

"It is a social occasion which patients and their families do not get anywhere else in the hospital.

"It's a great form of escape from problems, concerns and pain.

"They enjoy being normal."

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