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Last Updated: Saturday, 4 February 2006, 10:13 GMT
Historic murder to be recreated
Bruce plaque
A sign marks the spot in Dumfries where the murder took place
Dumfries is preparing to relive a murder which shaped the course of British history.

In a dramatic re-enactment Robert the Bruce will plunge his dagger into the 'Red' Comyn, nobleman John Comyn, at the town's Midsteeple.

Hundreds of spectators are expected to watch the recreation of the slaying, which is said to have set Scotland on the road to independent nationhood.

The event, on 11 February, is to mark the 700th anniversary of the murder.

Bruce needed Comyn's support if he were to be King, but when this did not come he murdered him.

The event is being organised by the Bruce Trust, a local charity dedicated to promoting the man they see as the nation's greatest hero.

Greyfriars church
The current Kirk is close to where the murder took place

A short wreath laying ceremony will take place the day before on the steps of the current Greyfriars Kirk just a stone's throw from the actual spot of the murder.

"This was an important event which shaped the course of British history and, sadly, seems to have been forgotten by many," said trust spokesman Doug Archibald.

"If Bruce and the Comyn had come out of the church the best of buddies, Bannockburn would probably never have happened and Scotland could well have ended up a province of England.

"The trust could not let such an anniversary pass without some form of commemoration to let the people of Dumfries share a little of their heritage and send out a wake up call to the rest of Scotland."

The whole event is to be re-created on the steps of the Midsteeple, one of Dumfries' oldest buildings, by Bruce re-enactment group, Nithsdale-based Guardians of the Realm with colleagues from Fyre and Sword.

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