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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 July, 2005, 21:29 GMT 22:29 UK
Wednesday's key G8 events
A timetable of significant G8-related events as they happened on Wednesday 6 July:

2225: Police confirm 182 demonstrators were arrested throughout the day, 100 in Auchterarder, 65 in Stirling and 17 in Edinburgh.

2100: The world leaders have been attending a banquet hosted by the Queen at Gleneagles.

1740: Order is restored as about 1,000 protesters are cleared from the field in front of the Gleneagles security fence, back to the edge of Auchterarder.

1735: French president Jacques Chirac arrives in Scotland for the summit.

1719: A line of officers with dogs backed up by mounted police sweeps forward to move protesters further back.

1700: Police draw batons and charge the crowd.

1641: Riot officers come through the security fence in an attempt to clear protesters numbering in hundreds back from the cordon.

1637: Demonstrators clash with riot police in Auchterarder itself.

1634: Further riot officers arrive inside the security fence by Chinook helicopter while hundreds of protesters gather at a watch tower.

1622: Riot police are deployed in a line to try to prevent protesters moving towards the Gleneagles security fence at the edge of Auchterarder.

1620: Russian president Vladimir Putin arrives at Prestwick Airport.

1600: Bob Geldof, Bono and Richard Curtis deliver the Live 8 anti-poverty to Prime Minister Tony Blair at Gleneagles.

1559: Protesters on G8 Alternatives march in Auchterarder breach agreed route for demonstration.

1544: George Bush and his wife Laura arrive at Gleneagles.

1530: Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi touches down at Prestwick Airport.

1515: SNP leader Alex Salmond raises a point of order in the House of Commons calling for a statement from the Secretary of State for Scotland on the situation at Gleneagles.

1455: US President George Bush arrives in Scotland for the G8 summit.

1430: About 5,000 people set off on a G8 Alternatives protest march in Auchterarder.

1355: Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi arrives at Gleneagles Hotel for the summit.

1340: German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder arrives at Prestwick Airport.

1240: Tayside Police reverses its decision to cancel a protest march by G8 Alternatives in Auchterarder. The group's Gill Hubbard welcomes the move.

1215: Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin arrives in Scotland for the G8 summit.

1205: About 350 G8 protesters in Edinburgh move from east to west along Princes Street after being told the protest march at Auchterarder has been cancelled.

1200: The Wallace Monument is sealed off. A group of protesters gather at the monument and another 100 people are turned away.

1115: Tayside Police announce the protest march at Auchterarder has been cancelled.

1045: SNP leader Alex Salmond has asked for a government statement on the postponement of the march. He condemns the disruptive elements who are "making peaceful assembly impossible".

1040: Lothian and Borders Police says 150 protesters have gathered in Waterloo Place, close to the Scottish Executive building on Regent Road. The protesters are being monitored via CCTV.

1035: The Scottish Parliament is sealed off as demonstrators are expected to stage a protest outside the Holyrood building.

1015: Scotland's First Minister Jack McConnell condemns the violence in Stirling and describes the protesters who took part as "hardened thugs".

0950: Police at Gleneagles request that a 5,000-strong protest march should be called off on the grounds of public safety.

0940: Rail line between Stirling and Gleneagles reopened. Services no longer diverting via Fife.

0915:Thirty two people involved in a protest on the A9 are detained by police.

0900: First ScotRail says rail line is blocked in the Gleneagles area, north of Dunblane. Trains to Glasgow to Inverness and Aberdeen are being diverted via Fife.

0830: Police advise motorists to avoid the A9 north and southbound between the Keir roundabout at Stirling and the Broxden roundabout at Perth.

The A822 at Crieff has re-opened but the B8062 at Kinkell Bridge is closed. Diversions are in place.

0805: Stirling railway station re-opened.

0805: Police warn of action which could disrupt the motorway network in and around Glasgow, particularly the Kingston Bridge and on the A80 heading to Stirling.

0800: Protesters reported to have been dangling by ropes from bridge over M9.

0700: Prime Minister Tony Blair touches down at Edinburgh Airport from Singapore. Transfers to helicopter for flight to Gleneagles.

Early hours of the morning: Two people arrested when violence involving minority breaks out as eco-camp near Stirling moves towards Gleneagles. Missiles thrown at police.

Serious disruption to roads and rail in Stirling area. M9, main road from Edinburgh to Gleneagles, closed at Granada services, many roads round town closed. Stirling railway station closed.

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