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Last Updated: Friday, 30 December 2005, 07:16 GMT
Fawlty hotels placed centre stage
Prunella Scales and John Cleese
Body language is as vital as not mentioning the war, say experts
A group of travelling actors is taking centre stage in an effort to show those in the tourist industry how to improve their hospitality skills.

They are using a series of Basil Fawlty-style scenes in which holidaymakers are faced with rude and apathetic hotel staff.

The courses are targeted at hoteliers and leisure staff in Scotland.

The seminars have been organised by an industry group called Pride and Passion which aims to boost Scottish tourism.

Chief executive Alan Rankin said: "In Scotland we've got an absolutely tremendous product.

Tourists need to make sure that when they cross the border into Scotland they're going to get a good experience
Alan Rankin
Tourism leader

"You just have to look at the scenery, but that's just one aspect of the customer's visit."

He added: "We feel there's a lack of consistency - you get tremendous service in some places but in other areas they leave a lot to be desired.

"Tourists need to make sure that when they cross the border into Scotland they're going to get a good experience, good service levels, right across the holiday here."

Sketches involve visitors being denied breakfast because they were too late, made to feel awkward in a restaurant because they were too early and being patronised for their choice of whisky.

Customer care

Organisers said the scenes may be exaggerated, but for many attending the seminars they were shockingly familiar.

The aim of the campaign is to show staff in the visitor industry exactly how poor customer care can put off tourists.

The training company CragRats aims to bring home how damaging the attitude of some in the tourism industry could be towards the people who paid their wages.

It also aims to demonstrate how even subtle changes in approach and body language can make a major difference in enhancing the impression of Scotland among holidaymakers.

See how the actors get the message across

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