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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 August 2005, 21:26 GMT 22:26 UK
Fewer Scots suffer heart attacks
Heart attack victim
The figures show more Scots are surviving serious heart attacks
Less people in Scotland are suffering serious heart attacks than previously and those who do fall ill are more likely to survive, new figures show.

The NHS Scotland statistics show that in 1999 just over 9,500 people were taken to hospital for emergency treatment after a heart attack.

However, last year the number was down to 8,400 - a fall of about 12%.

The British Heart Foundation Scotland said the changes were probably linked to better treatment and lifestyles.

The study also showed that after getting treatment, people in Scotland were now much more likely to be alive 30 days after they first became ill.

The figures show that about 250 people who survived a heart attack in 2004 would have died if survival rates had remained the same as they were in 1999.

The British Heart Foundation Scotland said the improvements were good news but pointed out that those surviving heart attacks still need ongoing specialist care.

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