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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 August 2005, 16:29 GMT 17:29 UK
Exams results: How did you do?
Exams room
The wait is over for school pupils across Scotland, who have been receiving their exam results.

Envelopes have been arriving through the letter boxes of the 142,799 youngsters who sat exams this year - although some pupils in Shetland, Orkney, Lewis and Skye received their results a day early by text message.

The Higher pass rate rose slightly to 71.2% and the Scottish Qualifications Authority said the positive results showed pupils were better prepared and studying at "suitable" levels.

Third year pupils at one Moray school sat their Standard Grade exams a year earlier than normal - but scored lower results than their fourth year counterparts.

How did you do in this year's exams? Did you get the grades you wanted? Do you think pupils should be sitting Standard Grades earlier to better prepare them for the jump to Highers in fifth year? Are text messages a good way to receive results?

This Have Your Say is now closed. The following comments reflect the balance of opinions we received.

As a 3rd Year law student at Aberdeen University, I would say that Standard Grades and Highers demanded much more work than 1st or 2nd year at university (albeit harder in 3rd year)! Perhaps Int 2 is the way forward?
Philip, Aberdeen

I am absolutely delighted with my A pass at intermediate 2 music - not bad for a 3rd year pupil! I thought I had failed it! The listening exam was very hard and my music fell off my stand during my practical performing exam. I hope the other five 3rd years who sat it with me all passed! I think pupils should be allowed to sit SGs and Intermediates earlier - but only those who want to work for it!
Gillian Hay, Glasgow

I received my Higher results this morning and was chuffed to bits when I realised I had achieved 5 A's in English, maths, chemistry, physics and economics. I think the idea of texting peoples results is a rather mediocre idea to say the least as there are still many candidates like myself who prefer the traditional method of tearing open an envelope to reveal your destiny! However I would have no complaints if it was introduced.
Jono Reid, Edinburgh

Results in and I passed my five Highers! A,B,B,C and C so I'm very happy especially about passing maths since I struggled all year and virtually gave up but this makes it worthwhile even if it is just a C. I think that the exam system should be changed though as continuous assessment is the only way to get an accurate grade.
Graham Robertson, Carnoustie/Broughty Ferry, Scotland.

Just got my Advanced Highers - 2 As in English and history, a C in pure mathematics. Whilst delighted with my other results - I'm studying mathematics at university and that C was a real blow. Looks like I should have applied for a social subject! However, I would say to others who didn't get the grades they hoped for - don't get too down about it. Your exam results indicate, quite simply, how good you are at sitting exams. Nothing more, nothing less. I do not believe they are at all accurate in gauging your ability to study to subject beyond high school.
Patrick , Edinburgh

I got 2 Higher A's and a Higher B. The A's were for English and administration; the B for geography. I also achieved an Intermediate 2 C at maths.

Considering I achieved C's from these subjects last year and failed maths then I think I can now say I have done myself justice this time around!
Stuart, Isle of Mull

I received eight 1's at Standard Grade today but I do think the system could be improved significantly. In my opinion the intermediate courses look to be of much greater help to us who wish to sit Highers. The intermediate courses would give candidates a much better idea of what to expect in the higher course.
John, Greenock

I'd just like to say well done to the pupils who have graduated from school, whatever their grades. Don't listen to the naysayers who will decry the apparent fall in standards - I'll wager they never did nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy as part of their A-levels.
Jamie Parkinson, London, UK

The current exam system is outdated and needs a revamp. Standard Grades do not prepare students for Higher courses - the Higher course is completely different to the Standard Grade course that pupils sit.

It would make sense to scrap Standard Grades and introduce the Access, Int1 and Int2 system as a preparation for Higher - it makes sense, and gives pupils more positive encouragement, instead of feeling powerless when they start a Higher course that has had no prep!

I am at university, and I found my 5th year at High School more hard than my 1st year at uni - and that is ridiculous!
Ross, Ayr

I achieved Standard Grade English one year early and it clearly had a positive effect on the rest of my results. It meant that I could focus more on the likes of chemistry and physics and obtain better grades for the more challenging subjects. I also believe I could have obtained more desirable marks for French and graphics had I taken the computing exam one year prior, as it was relatively easy. I'm delighted with my results overall - I got six 1's, and two 2's.

In regards to text messaging the results: I heard nothing about this, but like somebody suggested earlier, e-mailing them would have been more efficient and less costly.
Adam, East Kilbride, Scotland

I am over the moon with 5 A's in Higher maths, chemistry, physics, geography and English. I am shocked to have done so well in English - a subject I dislike and have little talent for - but it makes me wonder if all the work was required to gain my four other A's. I must question if Highers have become far less of a challenge.
Anthony, Fife

I got my Highers. I got two A's two B's and one C so I am really pleased.
Katie Smith, Edinburgh

Just sat five Highers and got A, A, B, and B, failing maths on a spectacular scale. Anyway, I'm pretty happy, and with six 1's at Standard Grade I feel I've done pretty well. I think I was better suited to exams in my latter years at school. I was more settled and comfortable with the exam procedure come 4th year.
Matt, Glasgow

I passed four subjects but failed Higher English with a D and am very disappointed. When I read the statistics that 61.1% passed English I knew I did not do well.
Aisha, Glasgow

My daughter's certificate only listed two Highers passed when the school confirmed she had in fact passed five! Anyone else had problems?
Kathleen Coull, Dundee

I just received my results, I am pleased with them but I am disappointed at failing Administration. In my opinion I found the exam hard. Overall, I am pleased with what I have achieved.
Catherine H, Glasgow

Yes! I read my Standard Grade results just over an hour ago and I have done really well, four 1's, two 2's and two 3's. I even got a grade 1 for Latin (which I barely understood while studying it) and for History (which I have not been good at in examinations). However I got a 2 for English. A 1 would have been much more preferable as it would have guaranteed me a Higher class for next term.
James Harrison, Ettrick Valley, Scotland

I think the exam system at present is outdated and unrealistic. Results fail to show how much a person knows on a subject, all they show is how a student copes under pressure. In a working environment, employees have access to books and the internet if they have a problem. And also for such professions like Vet Med, people with the grades may not have the stomach for it. Same goes for a lot of biological sciences. I think it is time for change. Its a good idea to get pupils starting their SG's early, because I feel that my first two years at high school were a waste of time and I learnt nothing. Something needs to be changed in they way exams are set. Well I hope everyone did ok in the Credit Maths! It was a nightmare!
Mike Smith, Edinburgh

I've just finished third year and I did my SG English a year early and came out with an overall 1! I'm delighted!
Jillee, Edinburgh

I got nine grade 1s which was better than I expected. I thought that some of the exams were really easy. If you do Standard Grades in S3 then you will get more time for your Highers in S5, so I think that it is a good idea. Texting the results is an ok idea but sending it by e-mail would be even cheaper and better.
Andrew, Aberdeen

My brother who was in S4 sat Int 2's this year instead of Standard Grades, I think it was a great idea, he now has some Higher Unit passes which equips him much better for starting his Highers.
Kirsty, Glasgow

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