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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 July, 2004, 10:04 GMT 11:04 UK
Whisky film to make it a double
Scene from Whisky Galore
The 1949 black and white version is a Scottish favourite
A Glasgow company is encouraging people to invest their money in a remake of the classic film Whisky Galore.

The company, called The Whisky Galore Film Ltd, hopes to raise 400,000 to help fund pre-production on the film.

The makers believe it is the first time this has happened in Scotland. If all goes to plan filming should start next year with a release in 2006.

The original black and white 1949 version of the Compton MacKenzie novel is one of Scotland's favourite films.

The Ealing comedy, directed by Alexander Mackendrick, was based on a true story of a shipwreck in the Outer Hebrides.

The ship, containing thousands of bottles of whisky, sank off Eriskay during WWII.

Ed Crozier
This is a speculative investment but hopefully we will be able to deliver what we promise in the prospectus.
Ed Crozier
The locals gathered as many bottles as they could before the authorities arrived.

BBC Radio Scotland's film critic Siobhan Synnot said it was a good time for a remake.

"What we have here is a good comedy premise. A chance to bring a black and white classic to a largely colour-prejudiced modern audience, a shot in the arm for local tourism, and chance to redress those terrible accents."

Producer Ed Crozier is trying to raise the money for pre-production work on the project by a shares issue.

He said most Scots had a "proprietorial" attitude to the film Whisky Galore.

"What we are trying to do is let people share in the potential success of the film by coming in on the ground floor and hopefully helping to relaunch and at least emulate the success of the original film," he said.

Shares issue

However, the producer admitted it was a potentially risky investment.

He hoped the original set-up costs would help unlock about 14m of funding from other sources.

The way the Enterprise Investment Scheme works, the investors would be guaranteed a return as soon as the first frame of film was shot. But if the project fell through the investors could lose their money.

"This is a speculative investment but hopefully, with the pedigree that the film has already got on board and with attachment of the technical team we have got on board, we will be able to deliver what we promise in the prospectus," Mr Crozier said.

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