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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 May, 2004, 05:56 GMT 06:56 UK
Appeal to cut neighbourhood noise
Neighbourhoods are being asked to check their noise levels
The Scottish Executive is urging people across Scotland to help cut down the noise within their communities.

Deputy Environment Minister Allan Wilson has asked neighbours to help the government put an end to noise nuisance as part of Noise Action Day 2004.

He asked people to think about how much noise they make in a bid to help tackle to problem on a local level.

Noise Action Day aims to promote simple and practical solutions to the problem of noise within neighbourhoods.

Increased powers

The executive has granted local authorities additional powers to deal with noise nuisance in and between domestic dwellings through its Anti-Social Behaviour Bill.

The bill is expected to become law in the autumn and hands councils the power to impose a 100 fine on people who do not abate noise after a warning notice.

Mr Wilson said: "I am well aware of the distress excess noise causes, especially at night, to a large proportion of the general public.

"If everyone takes a few minutes to think about the noise they make, how it can affect others, and the noises that disturb them we can seriously reduce the level of noise problems.

"If we all play our part, there will hopefully be little need to use the new powers.

"That is why I am appealing to people across Scotland to think about what they can do to cut down on noise pollution in their communities."

Simple ways to reduce noise levels include:

  • Place noisy household equipment like stereos and televisions away from walls and keep the volumes as low as possible
  • Carry out DIY during the day
  • Register a key holder if you have a house alarm
  • Minimise dogs barking by not leaving your pet alone.

Noise Action Day is co-ordinated by the National Society for Clean Air (NSCA) and is backed by executive funding.

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