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Last Updated: Monday, 13 September, 2004, 12:16 GMT 13:16 UK
Text technology given top marks
Mobile phone
Messages are sent by the school to parents' phones
A north east school is using the latest mobile phone technology to provide parents with regular text messages on pupils' progress.

Staff at Keith Grammar School believe the scheme is being well received and will boost established links between home and school.

Rector John Aitken said it would be used to praise a positive attitude to work or behaviour.

Texts will also be used to highlight any problems which may arise.

Messaging parents is an extension of a computerised telephone system already in place at Keith and in other schools.

It automatically rings parents if their children are absent without explanation.

Any message would not be too specific but it might suggest that the parent should contact the school
John Aitken
Keith Grammar School

The new text messaging service will not replace traditional parents' evenings or school reports.

Mr Aitken said: "Having this facility to text parents is an additional part of the system that we already have in place.

"We recognise possibilities in it but, at this stage, we are just dipping our toe in the water."

He added: "Any message would not be too specific but it might suggest that the parent should contact the school to find out more."

Scheme may spread

Early reaction from parents and pupils has been favourable, according to teachers.

One parent, with a child in third year, said: "It is a good idea and the school should be commended. It will also be a welcome change to be told immediately about the positive things they are doing at school, as well as areas of concern.

"I know from speaking to other parents that the scheme is welcomed. People are busy nowadays and this can tell us what is going on, wherever we are."

The pioneering project could be adopted at other schools if it is successful.

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