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Last Updated: Monday, 15 March, 2004, 12:53 GMT
Anglers 'net 113m for economy'
Central Scotland saw the highest number of angling days
Angling is worth 113m a year to the Scottish economy, according to a study.

The research also found that the sport supports 2,800 jobs north of the border and generates almost 50m in wages and self-employment income.

The lure of rainbow trout saw central Scotland record the most angler days each year, accounting for more than a third of the 1.4 million total.

However, more money was spent in the Highlands and the north east in pursuit of salmon and sea trout.

The report estimated that anglers spend almost 43m in the Highlands and more than 31m in the north east, compared to 21.5m in central.

Dumfries and Galloway - 6.8m
Borders - 8m
Highlands - 43m
North east - 31.7m
Central - 21.5m
Western Isles - 1.2m
Orkney/Shetland - 500,000
Orkney and Shetland recorded the lowest expenditure figure of the seven areas designated in the report, with a figure of just over 500,000.

Central was the location for more than 470,000 of the estimated 1.39 million angling days in Scotland each year, followed by 366,000 in the north east and 307,000 in the Highlands.

The latter areas were responsible for more than 70% of the days fishing for salmon and sea trout.

Almost half the fishing days in central were for rainbow trout.

Local anglers accounted for 55% of the total fishing days in Scotland, although the figures showed wide differences across the country.

Daily spending

Locals were responsible for 81% of the fishing in central, but that figure fell to just 27% in the Highlands - where visitors from outside Scotland made up 50% of the total.

In total, visiting anglers from other countries accounted for 27% of fishing days, while visitors from other parts of Scotland were responsible for 18%.

The average spending each day was highest in the Highlands, where the figure of 140 was almost double the Scottish average of 81.20.

The report said that salmon fishing attracted the highest daily spending in six out of seven regions.

Fly fishing rod and reel
The report estimated the impact on the Scottish economy
"Anglers spend a total of 113m on angling in Scotland, with salmon and sea trout anglers accounting for over 65% (73m) of this total," the report stated.

"Whilst in terms of angler days, rainbow trout angling in central Scotland attracts the largest number of angler days, salmon and sea trout in the Highlands and the north east are much more significant in terms of expenditure."

A third of the expenditure was attributed to anglers fishing in their own area, with the figures ranging from 69% in central to 17% in Highland and just 8% in the Borders.

The report said the economic benefits of freshwater angling were a "significant contribution" and that this had probably been the case for almost a century.

The Economic Impact of Game and Coarse Angling in Scotland report was produced for the Scottish Executive by Glasgow Caledonian University and Cogentsi Research International.

Rural areas

Deputy Environment Minister Allan Wilson said: "For a long time, there has been a perception that angling was important to the Scottish economy.

"This report makes that perception a reality."

He pointed out that most of the jobs supported through fishing were in rural areas.

"This report underlines the value of the work being done by the executive and its agencies to understand the biology of Scotland's freshwater fish and the work undertaken to protect and improve Scotland's rural and freshwater resources, which plays such an important role in providing the necessary environment in which the sport of angling can prosper," said the minister.

He said new legislation was planned in the current parliament to address issues such as fishing methods, access and management.

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