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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 December, 2003, 09:05 GMT
Plea to book time for reading
Primary school pupils
Even five minutes reading a day could make all the difference
Parents in Scotland are being urged to make reading with their children their New Year's resolution.

The Scottish Executive's "reading together" campaigners believe even five minutes a day can make a difference.

Dundee University's Professor Keith Topping said international research had shown that help with children's reading produced long term benefits.

And he said even parents who do not consider themselves good readers can still play a part in improved learning.

The read together campaign makes it clear that reading anything, anywhere, at any time with children can be a positive.

The aim is to help children develop their skills and become a more confident reader.

What number is that bus?
What's the name of the shop?
What are the ingredients of that food?
Which street are we in?
What letter should I look for in the phone directory?
Can you find where we are going on the map?
Look, that shop begins with the same letter as your name?
Can you read the toothpaste tube and tell me what it does for your teeth?
Can you tell me the instructions of how to put this toy together?
Can you read the back of this ticket?
Author Catherine MacPhail said: "It's never too soon to begin reading with your child and you don't even have to restrict storytime to bedtime.

"When children are very little, it might just be a page, or a couple of pages - looking at the pictures or talking about what's happening.

"Whether you're waiting for a bus, for a doctor's appointment or for mum or dad to come home - you can involve your child in reading whenever.

"It needn't only be books - it can be newspapers, maps, recipes, instructions, tickets or match programmes."

Prof Topping said it was vital that teachers were able to give parents advice on how best to approach reading with their children.

For more advice on how to read at home with your child, log on to the Scottish Executive website.

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