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Friday, 15 November, 2002, 12:58 GMT

Date set for desert Earth
The Earth is entering the final 10% of its lifespan, according to a US geoscientist.

Fly Fruit fly gene success
Scientists have unravelled virtually the entire genetic code of the fruit fly.

Sun 'And here's today's space weather forecast...'
Space weather forecasters are developing better early warning systems for power companies and satellite operators.

Landmine clearance breakthrough
A new landmine detection system, which claims rapid and 100% accurate detection, is announced by the US military.

Stagnant ponds become fuel pumps
Petrol stations could be replaced by stagnant ponds if a breakthrough in hydrogen fuel technology fulfils its potential.

Cyber-terrorists wield weapons of mass disruption
Terrorists are not just exploring weapons of mass destruction but also weapons of mass disruption, said the director of the Global Organised Crime Project on Friday.

Decades of major hurricanes ahead
Scientists believe North America and the Caribbean have entered a new phase of dramatic hurricane activity.

Albright marries science and diplomacy
The US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, believes science and technology must play an "integral role" in world affairs.

Oldest flute sounds again
After 50,000 years of silence, the music of a prehistoric flute has been heard once again.

Testing deaf babies helps speech
Spotting hearing difficulties in very young babies may substantially boost their vocabularies later in life, new research has shown.

New approach to slow cancer
Trials in the United States are under way to explore whether drugs might slow the rate at which cancer-causing mutations arise in DNA.

Encryption for all
All students in the information age should learn the benefits of encryption in the school computer science curriculum, experts say.

National grid gets space protection
The world's first space weather prediction system for national electrical power grids has been installed in England and Wales.

First Down Syndrome mouse created
Scientists have created a mouse with Down Syndrome, and claim it has already revealed unknown features of the human version of the disorder.

Fighting the 'new cholesterol'
A bowl of cereal could be excellent protection from heart disease if clinical trials successfully implicate a rogue amino acid dubbed as the "new cholesterol".

Nicotine therapy helps Parkinson's
New trials have shown that nicotine may be effective in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and Tourette's syndrome.

Smaller is better
Scientists are dreaming of a day when making a new computer display will be as easy as feeding plastic film through an inkjet-style printer.

Plants blamed for elephant disorder
Toxic plants may be the cause of a mystery disease striking African elephants.

New England forests may vanish
The forests of New England, famous for their glorious autumn displays, may virtually disappear in the next century as a result of climate change.

Cities make their own weather
The heat island effect around cities not only generates pollution and sends cooling costs soaring, it can create thunderstorms too.

Tree bark could fight Aids
Scientists have found two products in tree bark that may prove effective in the treatment of Aids patients.

The science of baseball
Top sports stars are truly remarkable human beings, according to the measurements of a baseball payer's reactions.

Space storm warnings on your wristwatch
Space weather experts say people will soon wear devices warning of impending strikes from solar storms.

The forests of Mars
The key to future space travel lies in biotechnology, not propulsion technology, say experts who have suggested GM trees could grow their own greenhouses on Mars.

Spacecraft learn to DIY
Nasa scientists are developing equipment for deep space travel that mimics a living organism's ability to think and act for itself.

Love and work don't mix
Working for the same employer as your partner hits hard on your home life unless you have children, says a US academic.

Chocolate is good for you
Preliminary research shows that chocolate could be good for your heart.

Hunting the best herbs
Once, herbs were picked under a full moon, now technology can choose the perfect moment.

'Death by global warming'
Scientists predict that global warming could be responsible for millions of extra deaths.

Science steps into a new age
The world's biggest science festival opens in Washington DC.

Into a new millennium of science
The American Association for the Advancement of Science holds its annual expo in Washington.

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