Life above the floods

The BBC's Mark Dummett speaks to the villagers of Char Atra in Bangladesh as they prepare to defend their homes against monsoon floods.

Bangladesh is one of the nations on the frontline of climate change. The heavily populated country is low-lying and has much to fear from rising sea levels.

To hear the villagers' own stories click on their images on the map below. The BBC will re-visit Char Atra in the coming weeks to see how the villagers are coping.


Headteacher Mohammed Abdur Rashid explains the impact the river Ganges has on his school which has been destroyed eight times.


Farmer Mohan Mia lost his livelihood when a flood washed away his fields and home on the island.

Mum to be

Nargis Begum is due to give birth during the floods, a prospect she finds daunting.


Khadija Begum is a mother of five struggling to provide food for her children during the flood season.

She explains the changes she has seen in the climate over recent years.


Those living on Char Atra island face high costs for produce at the market and an expensive journey to the mainland.

Saving homes

Ahead of the flooding season, locals are busy raising their homes to improve their chances of surviving the rising waters.

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