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Last Updated: Friday, 4 May 2007, 14:06 GMT 15:06 UK
In quotes: Climate report reaction
Power plant in China
"No government can hide," environmentalists say
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has presented a major report to a UN environmental conference in Bangkok, suggesting the growth in greenhouse gas emissions can be curbed at reasonable cost.

It sets out the costs and benefits of various policies, notably increasing renewable energy, reducing deforestation and improving energy efficiency. Here are some early reactions to the report:

GAVIN EDWARDS, head of climate and energy, Greenpeace

This is quite a historic moment. This report has laid out the solutions to climate change in a way that world leaders can't ignore.

It's incumbent on world leaders now to take this advice. If they do so, and do it quickly, we stand a chance of fighting climate change.

STAVROS DIMAS, EU environment commissioner

Negotiations on a new global climate change agreement must be launched at the next UN ministerial conference in December.

It is now time for the rest of the international community to follow our lead and commit to ambitious reduction targets.

HARLAN WATSON, US senior climate negotiator

The US was an active and constructive participant in the international dialogue among experts and governments meeting in Bangkok.

The result of this exchange is a summary document that will help policy makers around the world make more informed decisions in addressing the economic, energy and associated technological implications of global climate change.

ZHOU DADI, report author and Chinese researcher

The Chinese government was constructive and was contributing to making the report reflect the science. We are not threatened by the report.


We were positively surprised by this report. It is a victory of sound science over junk science.

It shows that no government can hide away from cutting global emissions. It will help the globe to stay below two degrees global warming in a cost-effective way.

OMAR MASERA CERUTI, report author, National Univ of Mexico

I think this report gives a very optimistic message. It shows there are many options and many ways to mitigate climate change, to avoid going into the scenarios where damage is inevitable. Many of these options are low cost or even of negative cost.

This report says that we all really need to act now - not only governments but the public at large.

PETER LUKEY, South African delegate

Everything we wanted to see was there and more. The message is: We have to do something now.

CHRIS COCKLIN, report author, James Cook University

Essentially, countries of all stripes and colours will have to build climate implications into all their economic development planning in a way that will minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

ULRICH WIHELM, German government spokesman

[The report shows] - and this is encouraging - that ambitious climate protection is economically manageable.

[It is] very important to take this momentum to the consultations of the environment ministers at the end of the year in Bali.

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