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Sunday, November 9, 1997 Published at 12:54 GMT


A masters in Space Invaders?

The student of the future ?

A Scottish University has announced a world first in the field of elite academic achievement. It is offering a masters degree course in computer games software engineering.

The University of Abertay in Dundee says it could put the city at the centre of a multi-million pound industry.

Over £45bn will be spent on computer software in Europe this year, with the games market making up a substantial share.

There are only forty places on the course. The course leader, John Sutherland says he hopes that people will see that computer games are about people as well as machines.

[ image: Sutherland: It is about people as much as machines]
Sutherland: It is about people as much as machines
"Students will have to learn about how people see, feel and hear to be successful in this environment" he said

"In the next five years the computer games industry will be worth more than the entire cinema industry is today."

The University will be offering a Bachelors course in the same discipline in the very near future and are in the process of building a new computer laboratory.

Computer games technology, particularly virtual applications, have other uses apart from entertainment.

Medical simulations for training surgeons and more realistic flight simulators for pilot education are just two uses for the technology.

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