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February's practice News Day

School Reporters at Rye St Antony School, Oxford, Oxfordshire
School Reporters at Rye St Antony School, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Schools across the UK took part in a dress-rehearsal for the culminating News Day in March, when over 500 schools will make and broadcast their news for real.

Read the entries below to find out how the day unfolded.

Friday 13 School Reporters at the Gloucester School in Hohne, Germany, have been reflecting on their practice News Day. Abigail said: "I have enjoyed interviewing people and finding out their views and opinions. It has been great fun showing people what you can do. My advice for the live News Day would be to not worry, be yourself and take a deep breath before you go on air." Jessica added: "I have realised that a great deal goes into making a news programme. I felt I would have loads of time to complete my story but I didn't." Jack said: "My advice to those taking part in the live News Day would be to stay focused on your work - and it helps if you are doing a story that you are interested in yourself. The practice News Day was really fun but hard to do." Michelle added: "The day has taught me how hard it can be to be a reporter." Hollie said: "This project has made me more aware of the news and now I can see how much work and effort goes into making the it".

Friday 13
Students from Simon Balle
School Reporters from Simon Balle reported on recent extreme weather
Weather is the main topic of the day at Simon Balle School in Hertfordshire where 18 Year 8 students are taking part in a practice News Day on Friday 13. School Reporters have filmed frozen sports pitches and interviewed a Geography teacher about the reasons for the recent cold spell, and are busy editing the footage together. Pupils have also created their own slideshow-based weather map. The lead story of their news bulletin concerns the local church, where a wall has been damaged by this week's floods. Also of interest to the students is a giant, grey version of the Mona Lisa which on display at the Louvre museum next to Leonardo da Vinci's original.

Thursday 12 February

1726 Air cadets at Marden High School in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, were interviewed by School Reporters after they read about the death of two female air cadets in a mid-air plane collision in Wales.
School Reporters and BBC journalist Mark Tulip at Marden High School in North Shields, Tyne and Wear
BBC mentor Mark Tulip passes on his tips to School Reporters
Students also reported Newcastle United's manager's illness. "They are even wanting to work through their dinner; well it's better then double maths!" said teacher Joan Bloomfield. On 11 February, students visited the BBC Newcastle building where they interviewed Carol Malia from BBC News.

1707 School Reporters at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale, Lancashire, reported on the Australian bush fire and snow in the UK. They also reviewed the film Twilight.
School Reporters at Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale, Lancashire
How much do footballers get paid? asked students at Matthew Moss High
How much do footballers get paid? was the question pupils put to PE staff; the consensus being that "they get way too much!" View the students' reports on the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

1700 Trinity Church of England High School in Hulme, Manchester, ran a practice News Day on 3 February. School Reporters created news items about snow in the UK, the Iranian satellite launch, the dangers of texting while driving, the 25th anniversary of the school, football transfers and a recent tennis match between Nadal and Federer. Teacher Anna Baxendale said the students had done really well and added that School Report "made them realise the concept of time," as they worked to meet the deadline. The students are looking forward to the UK-wide News Day in March.

School Reporters at Towneley Park City Learning Centre in Burnley
Vision mixers oversee the presenter's performance at the CLC
1653 Schools Reporters from Sir John Thursby Community College in Burnley and Marsden Heights Community College in Nelson visited Towneley Park City Learning Centre in Burnley to make the news. They reported on child safety and asked the question: How can we stay safe on social websites? Pupils also interviewed the deputy head, for advice, and other pupils to hear their views and stories on the subject. Another story featured in their news bulletin involved the credit crunch and how it is affecting families. Some students also met BBC North West Tonight presenter Gordon Burns and shot behind-the-scenes footage of BBC Manchester.

School Reporter at Jordanhill School in Glasgow, Lanarkshire
A School Reporter takes a seat in the presenter's chair at BBC Scotland
1629 School Reporters from Jordanhill School in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, visited the BBC at Pacific Quay. They were given a tour by their School Report mentor Mhairi Stuart, which took in the BBC Radio Scotland newsroom and studios. Pupils even met weather presenter Heather Reid and had a chance to practice reporting the weather.

1505 Love is in the air at Meldrum Academy in Aberdeenshire where School Reporters have been exploring the school's Valentine traditions.
School Reporters at Meldrum Academy in Aberdeenshire
Valentine's Day traditions are investigated at Meldrum Academy
The illustration club produces and sells St Valentine's Day cards for 30 pence, with profits going to their Charity Club. Not only that, but they also act as postmen, delivering cards direct to the classroom. Emma, 13, said "The school has been doing this every year for seven years, since the school opened." The reporters interviewed the head of Art, who runs the illustration club, and took photos of the stall. They also plan to interview students about Valentine's Day to find out who loves it, and who hates it. Other top stories include Comic Relief and the disruption caused by recent snow. Louise, 13, said: "We've been interviewing S6 pupils about their exams as the school's been closed and they've had to reschedule everything."

1430 Gloucester School in Hohne, Germany, worked on ten news stories. Teacher Steve Reid said 18 Year 8 pupils worked hard to bring the stories together. The three most successful items looked at what it was like being a forces child living in Germany, the effect of snow falling in Britain compared to that in Germany and the credit crunch; specifically how much it affected young people and whether they knew what to do to make it better. Nearly all of the children who were asked said they thought Germany was far more prepared for snow than England. They thought England should have better salt and grit supplies and liked laws in Germany that made householders clear snow from the paths outside their homes.

1511 School Reporters at Benton Park School in Rawdon, Leeds, rang round all the taxi companies in Beverley to try and speak to a taxi driver who dived into an icy pond to rescue a woman whose car was sinking. A few of the 25 Year 9 students interviewed Look North reporter Christa Ackroyd. They asked her: What is it like being a female in a male-dominated environment? and What is it like to work with a former History teacher? after learning about co-presenter Harry Gration's life before journalism. Teacher Steven Harlow said: "The students did so well. They finished 40 minutes before the end. As well as being really quick, they were really enthusiastic."

School Reporter at Brentside High School in West London
School Reporters put the finishing touches to their news stories
1500 Students at Brentside High School in West London have finished filming and their newscasts are being published on the school website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page. Teacher Vesna Klein said: "It's been really great today. The expertise and help of our BBC mentor, Paul Waters, have been invaluable. We are very much looking forward to the next News Day!"

1410 At Mayfield School and College in Dagenham, Essex, Terri-Ann, 13, said they have had a really good, fun day. Students started by taking photos and talking with the Year 10 mentors about what they should be doing. They also looked at examples of what had been done before. "We then interviewed four sixth formers who are involved with our school production 'Mr and Mrs Mayfield'. They told us that they are using the event to raise funds for an education centre in Hiroshima, set up by an ex head teacher of ours, Mrs Rogers." Terri-Ann added that she was looking forward to writing her news piece. "I was really pleased with the photos I took. When I had to explain to someone what School Report was about, they really helped."

1409 Twenty three School Reporters in Year 9 at Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester, Dorset, have made the news. BBC journalist Ian Moss, who was at the school to support the students, said: "I was really impressed with how much they knew about the news and how they were able to make sound editorial decisions about which stories were important for their audience. One story they looked at was the school's Ofsted, but decided it shouldn't be the lead because it wouldn't appeal to a wide audience." The students mixed news reports of the day with features prepared in advance to form a video news bulletin.

1342 Pupils at the Robert Pattinson School in Lincoln are well-prepared for their deadline. 11-year-old Beth has been a radio reporter for the day. She said: "I've been doing a report on the lard intake we have. I've interviewed the dinner ladies and they've told me about the different things they use instead of lard, and how healthy we should be eating their meals. It was really quite fun in the morning. I wasn't rushing around too much. But it's more stressful this afternoon." However, she still managed to finish her report half an hour before the deadline. 13-year-old Sophie has been a video news editor, and has found it hard work. "It's been really stressful as I've had to organise everyone," she said, "I'll be really glad when it's all over."

School Reporters from London Academy
Sophie, Kajal, Sachin and Ramli from London Academy
1334 Sophie, Kajal, Sachin and Ramli from London Academy turned the tables on BBC London presenter Alice Bhandhukravi at the BBC London studios. The students practiced their interview techniques as part of their practice News Day by grilling Alice on why she became a journalist and what sacrifices she'd made to achieve her dream job. The interviewers, Sophie and Kajal, said they felt excited but nervous as they rehearsed the questions they'd prepared but their cameraman, Sachin, reassured them that if they stumbled, they'd edit it out. Moments later, with Alice on set, Sophie and Kajal relaxed into their role, asking Alice what inspired her to become a journalist. Alice explained she was career-minded and loved her job reporting on her home, the capital city. The girls ended the interview by asking Alice what her top tips would be on how to peruse a career in journalism. Alice encouraged them to participate in every media opportunity available: local radio, hospital radio, school and local papers, and added that every single bit of experience helped.

1250 Lenzie Academy in East Dunbartonshire will be starting work later this afternoon on their stories, which include youth crime and how to tackle it. Thirty students are taking part. Some of them will be looking at the issue of asylum and immigration, which they are already learning about in their Modern Studies class. Six students have gone to film an interview with BBC presenter Sally Magnusson.

School Reporters fromHayesfield Technology College in Bath
Chris Vacher speaks to students from Hayesfield Technology College
1240 Editing is the focus of the day at Bath Rugby Education Centre in Somerset, after yesterday's filmed interview with BBC Points West presenter Chris Vacher. He spoke to students from two Bath secondary schools on 11 February. Pupils also challenged BBC Radio Bristol's Ben Prater, asking him if he would ever work for a commercial radio station. The Drive Time presenter was impressed with the amount of research students had undertaken to find out about his woolly dog! Students from Hayesfield Technology College in Bath who took part in January's practice News Day were presented with an end-of-course award by Bath captain and England International Michael Lipman. Lead teacher on the School Report project at the centre, Chris Andrews, said: "We aim to raise achievement and stimulate pupils, developing their confidence and self esteem, and School Report is helping to do this. It ties in with the ICT and literacy curriculum, and it's also about learning through fun."

1238 Local, national and international news - students from Robert Pattison School in Lincoln have set themselves a wide brief! From the team of 10 School Reporters, two students are each covering television, radio, online, editing and technical support. After scouring the newspapers and internet for stories this morning, the students voted on their favourites to follow up. Close to home, one very local story is the school's own theatrical production of The Sound of Music, which premiered last night. The reporters interviewed one actor, a student who has starred in Mary Poppins in London's West End, about her experiences on the stage. Another local story covers the possibility that the local Vulcan aeroplane could be sold to America because of a lack of funding. In national news, London police have been taking teenagers out on their beat in an initiative to keep young people out of gangs. School Reporters visited their local police station and spoke to the press officer to find out what the police think about this. It's also been revealed that we'll each eat some 200,000 grams of lard in our lifetimes, so the students interviewed their catering manager about the school's healthy eating policy. They are also planning a special feature for St Valentine's Day, interviewing staff and students about their plans for the most romantic day of the year.

1256 Sixty students from Carshalton High School for Girls in Surrey took part in a practice News Day on Tuesday. "We've never done it before so it was ambitious to work with 60," said teacher Jolene Ingham-Brown "but it was a really good day and the girls went home exhausted but happy." They worked on a wide range of stories including the commercialisation of Valentine's Day, a quarter of a million pound legacy to their local hospital, Scolari's sacking, the US Octuplets and the Australian fires.

1210 The Dukeries College in Nottinghamshire spent a day earlier this week gathering material for their main bulletin, to transmit on 26 March. The students discovered that the date of the School Report News Day is 33 years since the Queen sent her first email, and it inspired them to investigate how technology in schools has changed over the past three decades. Robin Edwards from BBC News paid the school a visit, and the team headed out to record interviews. Newark is an ex-mining community, so the School Reporters interviewed a local miner to find out what school was like when he was a pupil. Today, one of the region's top employers is Center Parks so the team are also planning to interview a manager to find out what they're looking for in today's job candidates. On 26 March they plan to work up the day's top news stories, but also feature this pre-recorded film. The students' news will be uploaded to the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

1236 Students from Year 8 at Stoke High School in Ipswich have travelled down to London to make a video news story. 13-year-old Ben said: "We're trying to find out if graffiti is vandalism or art." Harriet, 13, added: "We're at the Tate Modern to interview people. Most think it's vandalism. Now we're walking round to see the other art." The group are also looking at graffiti outside the gallery. Ben said: "Most of the things we've seen inside the Tate Modern are definitely art, but we're about to see some more graffiti outside and it's hard to say whether some things are graffiti or art."

School Reporters at Rye St Antony School, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Investigation: The confiscation of coats in the cold weather at a local school
1200 Rye St Antony School in Oxford are following up a local story about children from another school who had to walk home in the cold without their coats. Their teachers had confiscated the coats because they broke school uniform rules. Hannah, who's 12, said: "We think coats should be allowed even if they are not uniform. We're having interviews with several people." The students are also looking at the design of their own school coats; windcheaters which some of them don't like. Twelve students in all are taking part in the practice News Day. Five have gone to BBC Oxford to interview presenter Geraldine Peers for a video report. The rest have been split into two groups, one doing the story about coats, and the other looking at the recommendation to downgrade ecstasy from a Class A drug to Class B. The students' news will be uploaded to the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

School Reporters at Diss High school in Norfolk
Some of the 200 School Reporters hard at work at Diss High in Norfolk
1150 Two hundred pupils at Diss High School in Norfolk have been taking part in News Days yesterday and today. Teacher Suzanne Johnson said they are working in all three media. "Yesterday the pupils enjoyed it so much and gave such great feedback that today's Reporters are working even harder because of the strict deadline!" she added. Jessica, 13, said "It's really fun. We've just finished recording our radio pieces. We've looked at Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, bad weather, Beckham's 108 caps and the zebras escaping from a German zoo." She added: "We wanted to find out if children knew about Charles Darwin. I thought that more would know who he was - many of the younger children didn't know him". When asked how she found working to a strict deadline, she replied "It's daunting and scary but I think we can finish in time". Scott, 14, said "It's a great opportunity to have and it's a lot of fun. You find out if you want to do this sort of work when you are older. It's really good fun recording other people". When asked about the Charles Darwin story, Scott said "I've found out a lot of new things. I didn't know that there is a gene that gives you red hair, but it is dying out. It means, I think, that by about 2060 there will be no more redheads." Scott and Jessica were then off for a much needed lunch break before editing their radio piece in time for the deadline this afternoon. Topics covered yesterday included local news about Diss, floods, the Australian bush fires and a story about Dutch football which took place at the school yesterday in a cage. View the students' reports on the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

1156 At Lewisham City Learning Centre in South London, 22 students from Bonus Pastor Catholic College are working on stories on the Olympics, knife crime, Obama and global warning. 146 students have been learning about the news and are taking it in turns to take part in a News Day. Yesterday 20 students from Deptford Green had their turn. At their school around 240 student are involved overall. Curriculum specialist at the CLC, Ian Miller, said "Several Lewisham schools are running an entire unit of work based on School Report with all their Year 8's. On March 26th itself, we'll get teams from each of the schools working here."

School Reporters at St Aidans C of E Technology College in Lancashire
Lauren shares her news ideas with the School Report team
1151 Twenty Year 9 pupils at St Aidan's C of E Technology College in Lancashire are busy preparing video, audio and online stories. One of them is about whether dogs can help with lessons, following on from a story students saw on the television about a dog teaching children to pick up litter. To help with their piece, one of the teachers has brought in their dog. They're also looking at Darwin, the credit crunch - and how it might affect the building of new science laboratories at the school - Red Nose Day, David Beckham's 108th cap and a successful cross country runner from the school. Lauren, 13, is the girl in question. "I'm writing about how I won the Lancashire School Cross Country, how it was cold and what the atmosphere was like," she said, adding that she's enjoying "how we get to choose a story of our own. I think people will want to know about the stories we've chosen." View the students' reports on the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

School Reporters from Rainham School for Girls in Gillingham, Kent
Helena, 11 and Sanaa, 12, video an interview with the head teacher
1143 At Rainham School for Girls in Gillingham, Kent, about 90 Year 7 students are taking part in the practice News Day, with Year 8 pupils acting as mentors. The students have been interviewing Year 11 pupils who are taking part in an enterprise project which involves planning a wedding. They are also researching the Australian bushfires, the impact of the recent snow days and Red Nose Day. A group of girls have also interviewed head teacher Mrs Dunn, about her recent trip to China. The school is looking to develop its links with Chinese schools, and the girls were fascinated to find out more about life in a Chinese School. Ashley, 11, said "It's been the best thing I've done in Year 7 so far." India, 12, said "It's been a great experience."

1130 Featherstone High School in Southall, Middlesex, held their practice News Day on 11 February. Ibtisam, Martin, Crystal, Harkiran, Lakshay, Hapreet, Guricirpal and Zainab used cameras to interview each other about their top story: whether or not supermarkets should ban free plastic carrier bags. Their teacher, Oliver Newport said: "They met all their deadlines and did really well. They put in 110 per cent effort."

1126 News Day at The Emmbrook School in Wokingham, Berkshire, was cancelled today because of flood alerts earlier in the week. But School Report co-leader and school librarian Barbara Band won't let the weather defeat them. "Come hell or high water we'll be making the news on 26 March, even if we're filming floods from the school roof," she said. School Reporters have just one lesson to go and are already working on their ideas for the UK-wide News Day in March. "I try and get them to plan in advance," said Mrs Band, "I'll drive the school minibus so they can go out to interview guests but they need to think carefully about where to go". She added that using Year 10 students to help teach the School Report lessons to Year 9's had proved very successful. "We offer media GCSE and it's ideal to get some of those students involved in helping the year below with School Report. We're having a great time," she said.

School Reporters at Tendring Technology College in Essex
Young journalists put together their report at Tendring Technology College
1050 Twenty five students from Years 7, 8 and 9 at Tendring Technology College in Essex are hard at work on their stories. Grace, India and Hannah are making a film report about coastal erosion which is threatening a local landmark and tourist attraction, the historic Naze Tower in Walton. Grace said: "It's going really well and we've got loads done already. We went to the tower after school and the lady who owns it let us film from the top." George, Alan, Nathan and Zach are preparing a podcast about the college's carbon footprint, while James and Haylegh have been interviewing the BBC Essex radio presenters Ray Clark and Steve Scruton about their work. Tendring's fourth story is about fair trade, and the students have been doing vox pops in classrooms about how recognisable the Fair Trade symbol is.

1110 Students from St Joseph's College in Dumfries and Galloway have braved the snow to do an outdoor weather report. They are also looking into the mystery behind some local UFO sightings. The students' audio bulletin will be uploaded to the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

1052 Saint John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Humanities College worked to a 1400 deadline during a practice News Day on Monday 2 February. School Reporters have also started work on their main News Day story for the 26 March which is about healthy eating. The ground has also been laid for some sports reports with Sale Sharks and Burnley FC agreeing to an interview with some of the players and staff. The students' audio bulletin will be uploaded to the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

1039 Twenty-two students from Bonus Pastor Catholic College in South London have started their practice News Day at Lewisham City Learning Centre.

1013 Practice News Day at The Cherwell School in Oxford is well underway. The top story that the eight students from Year 8 are following up is the launch of Oxclean 2009, a community initiative encouraging people to clean up their town. Last year, 1500 residents took part. Jack, aged 13, is hoping to interview the Lord Mayor later today about Oxclean, but also about another story he's been investigating: The council plan to close down his local skatepark and some of Jack's interviewees believe it's because of negative stereotyping. Lola, 12, picked up on a story she heard on Radio 4 this morning. The government aims to rebuild all 3,500 English secondary schools by 2020, but the project is already two years behind and billions over budget. Lola is hoping to interview teachers and students about what they'd like to revamp in their own school if money were no object. She said "I'm worried about the deadline, but I can't wait. I'm taking up the challenge!" Other stories the School Reporters are following up include a sinking island in the Pacific nation of Tuvalu. They are asking: Is global warming to blame? They're also trying to find out how President Obama's two young daughters are coping with life in the spotlight and have sent an email to the White House.

0945 Forty-five Year 9 students at the Licensed Victuallers School in Ascot are currently brainstorming story ideas. One story they definitely want to cover is the impact of the snow on their school last week. The students want to interview the head teacher to find out why their school had to stay open when the other schools in the area were closed. They are creating video, audio and text-based news and plan to include an international, national and local story in their bulletins.

School Reporter at Brentside High School in West London
School Reporter Maddi concentrates on her research
0957 Groups of students at Brentside High School in West London have each been given a theme: Sport, music, entertainment, TV, music, food, health, technology. Maddi's group's theme is children and teens and she has been looking into the recent birth of the octuplets in the US, and a report which suggests children brought up by their grandparents are less well behaved than their peers who are raised by their parents.
School Reporter at Brentside High School in West London
David explains why he's interested in technology-based news
The 12-year-old said: "We are doing a survey at school to see who's brought up by their grandmothers and asking people if they think the mother of the octuplets was being responsible, seeing as she already had six children." David, 12, and his group are researching technology-based news stories. He is interested in the re-opening of a former Woolworths in Dorchester and a "top tech hotel". He said: "There were a couple of Woolworth's stores around here and it was a shame they closed. We miss the mixture of games, music and pick and mix." He added: "I hope to make a good, professional looking news report by the end of the day."

School Reporters from Heathfield School in Pinner
Krithi and Misha,14, research adverts to gauge the affect of the recession
0935 Year 9's at Heathfield School in Pinner are already planning their news stories for the day. After looking at the newspapers, they noticed how many adverts in the papers were offering knock-down prices. Krithi 14, said they wanted to find out whether, in times of the credit crunch, these types of offers made an impact, and if the recession affected how people spent their money. She added: "We want to ask people of all ages around the school if they are convinced by the ads. We are also looking at events and festivals like Valentine's Day and the expectations that people are forced to meet. We'll ask them if it is fair to be put under pressure to buy for these things". Misha, 14, added that the adverts contain statistics on saving and spending. "We are going to check on the internet to see if they are accurate," she said. The students will be videoing people's responses.

0920 Brentside High School in Ealing, London, are dividing their pupils into groups to plan what news stories they will do
School Reporters from The Heath Technology College in Runcorn
School Reporters from The Heath recorded their news bulletin at the CLC

0906 Students from The Heath Technology College in Runcorn, Cheshire, took part in a practice News Day at Runcorn City Learning Centre on 10 February. The pupils also recorded their thoughts throughout the day as a blog with photographs.

0855 Heathfield School in Pinner, Middlesex, are about to start their news day at 0900.
School Reporters at Abbey Grange CE High School in Leeds, West Yorkshire
One Abbey Grange School Reporter couldn't wait to start his report!
About a dozen Year 9 pupils are preparing to gather their news and work towards their broadcast.

0832 Thirty Year 8 students from Abbey Grange CE High School in Leeds took part in a practice News Day on 10 February. The students' video bulletin will be uploaded to the schools' website, see RELATED INTERNET LINKS, on the right-hand side of this page.

Tuesday 10 Caistor Grammar in Lincolnshire held a practice News Day on 10 February, and they made use of every spare corner of the school to produce their news reports. Teacher Tony Pearson said: "We have had an unofficial practice day in our lesson, where we filmed in the store cupboard, corridors and stairs on the subject of teenage anorexia. This subject was chosen by the pupils involved. We have made some progress with the website. I have two girls and a boy working on this and I think they have made a better job than me last year. Developing the pupils confidence in front of the camera and asking short but concise questions is proving to be the biggest challenge at the moment. I have contact with BBC Radio Lincolnshire now and will look forward to working with them on the day."


Bonus Pastor School in Lewisham, London

Brentside High School in Ealing, London

Benton Park School in Rawdon, Leeds

Camden School for Girls in Camden, London

Carshalton High School for Girls in Carshalton, Surrey

Diss High School, Norfolk

Gloucester School in Hohne, Germany

Heathfield School in Pinner, Middlesex

Keswick School in Cumbria

Lenzie Academy, East Dunbartonshire

Marden High School in North Shields, Tyne And Wear

Marsden Heights Community College in Nelson, Lancashire

Matthew Moss High School in Rochdale, Lancashire

Mayfield School and College in Dagenham, Essex

Regents Park Community College in Southampton, Hampshire

Robert Pattinson School in North Hykeham, Lincolnshire

Rye St Antony School, Oxford, Oxfordshire

St Aidans C of E Technology College in Blackpool, Lancashire

St Joseph's College in Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway

Stanborough International School, Watford, Hertfordshire

Tendring Technology College in Thorpe-Le Soken, Essex

The Cherwell School in Oxford, Oxfordshire

The Emmbrook School in Wokingham, Berkshire

Thomas Hardye in Dorchester, Dorset

Thomas Hepburn Community School in Felling, Gateshead

Trinity Academy in Doncaster, South Yorkshire


St John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Humanities College in Colne, Lancashire (2 February)

Catford High School in Catford, London (2 and 3 February)

Stoke Newington School - Media Arts and Science College in Hackney, London (2 and 9 February)

Trinity Church of England High School in Manchester (3 February)

Bonus Pastor School in Lewisham, London (4 and 25 February)

Colne Community School in Colchester, Essex (5 February)

Clapton Girls Technology College in Hackney, London (5 and 6 February)

Pendragon School, in Bromley, Kent (6 February)

St Augustine of Canterbury RC High School in Oldham, Lancashire (9 February)

The Dukeries College in Newark, Nottinghamshire (9 and 10 February)

Abbey Grange CE High School in Leeds, West Yorkshire (10 February)

Caistor Grammar School, Lincolnshire (10 February)

Fairfield High School in Widnes, Cheshire (10 February)

St George's College of Technology in Sleaford, Lincolnshire (10 February)

Meldrum Academy in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire (10 February)

The Heath Technology College in Runcorn, Cheshire

The Elmgreen School in Lambeth, London (11 February)

Deptford Green School in New Cross, London (11 February)

Featherstone High School in Southall, Middlesex (11 and 26 February)

Simon Balle School in Hertford, Hertfordshire (13 February)

Villiers High School in Southall, Middlesex (26 February)

Guildford County School in Guildford, Surrey (26 February)

Whalley Range High School in Manchester (26 February)

Cardinal Pole RC School in Hackney, London (26 and 27 February)

Uffculme School in Uffculme, Devon (27 February)

Holden Lane High School Specialist Sports College in Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire (27 February)

Hampstead Secondary School in Camden London (27 February)

Bath Rugby Education Centre in Bath, Somerset

The Skinners' School in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Gordano School in Bristol, Avon

Carluke High School in Carluke, South Lanarkshire

St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School in Slough, Berkshire

Sawtry Community College in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Fernwood School in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

The Cherwell School in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Swindon Academy in Swindon, Wiltshire

King Edward VI Aston in Birmingham, West Midlands

Shuttleworth College in Burnley, Lancashire

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