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'Work hard' says Paralympian

By Sophie
School Reporter, St Aidan's CE Technology College, Blackpool

On Thursday 1 July, I participated in BBC School Report Sports Day with a group of other reporters from my school.

Shelly Woods with School Reporters from St Aidan's CE Technology College, Blackpool
If you really want to do something, believe in yourself and go for it because, with a bit of hard work and commitment, you can get to where you want to go.
Shelly Woods, Paralympian

We started the day choosing stories and which groups of people would report on each. My group got a story about Shelly Woods who is a local Paralympic athlete. She recently broke the 1500m world record in wheelchair racing.

We decided to ring up Shelly and ask her a few questions. Then, we arranged a personal interview with her at a later day when she was doing a media event. It was to help launch a campaign which encourages people to do more sport.

On the day of the personal interview, I awoke very excited and ready to meet Shelly. I wasn't sure what to expect and I was pleased that a group of about seven of us were also going to meet her.

On arrival, we recorded a short piece-to-camera and then met her agent so we could find our way to the indoor athletics track.

While we waited, we had a look at Shelly's racing wheelchair. It was extremely small and lightweight.

Shelly Woods recently set a new world record
Shelly Woods set a new world record in June 2010 for the 1500m at 3m 21.22s

When Shelly arrived, she was extremely sweet and kind. Then the interview started, and I asked her a variety of questions, including: "What is your motto in life?" and "What advice would you give to young athletes?"

She said: "If you really want to do something, believe in yourself and go for it because, with a bit of hard work and commitment, you can get to where you want to go."

She also said: "Make sure that you get a good coach because I think that you need good advice to help you improve. But don't forget, it's going to be tough, it's hard work, you've got to go out there every day, working hard to try and get better and better. So make sure you just stick at it and work as hard as you can."

Then, we all asked more questions about her diet, training schedule and how she felt at the Paralympics in Beijing.

I learnt a lot from Shelly that day, as I am sure Jonathan, Jenni, Jack, Grace, Becca and Oliver did, because she was so inspiring.

Woods celebrates new world record
28 Jun 10 |  Disability Sport


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