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Teaching students have surfing success

Students on computers
Older and younger members of the class worked together to research topics of interest

By Katherine and David

Seven Farringdon Community Sports College students from the school's news team took part in an intergenerational project to help the older generations use the internet.

The day was part of the BBC's First Click project and was used to help students gain valuable interview and communication skills which the team will need for their BBC News Report Day that they are taking part in on 24 March.

During the course of the 9 February session the pupils had conversations with their older "students" about where they went to school and what they have done in their lifetime.

In one hour I've learnt more than I could have learnt in six weeks on a course
Brian Smith

They used the first part of the afternoon to research facts about the local area and the changes that have taken place.

In the second part of the afternoon, the pupils helped their partners to find things that they wanted to know about on the internet.

The mature students learnt lots of new things like how to use YouTube, shop online, use Wikipedia and book holidays.

One of our older students told us: "I thought it was hard but it really is as easy as all that!"

When asked what he had enjoyed about today, one participant, Brian Smith, said: "I've enjoyed the company of my young person as he was good to talk to, and in one hour I've learnt more than I could have learnt in six weeks on a course."

Two students look at a crossword on the computer
The pupils all linked up with older members of the community

Sheila Lindley also commented that it was great to be able to access the internet straight away, while another member of the class proudly announced that her aim was to become a "silver surfer"!

The students, young and old, enjoyed themselves more than they imagined, the news team enjoyed helping and explaining and the elders enjoyed learning new things on the computer.

At the end of the day all of the adults were given a pack to guide them in further use of the PC.



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